Wednesday, 1 September 2021


With environmental issues being so important,

the biggest plants on our planet, namely TREES,

are especially topical and special. As they produce 

oxygen, store carbon, stabilise soil, provide 

wildlife habitats, plus not to mention, give us 

the raw materials for tools, materials and shelter!

And so, on the subject of Trees, I am delighted to 

announce that this:

Friday (3rd September) at 6pm

I have been asked by CHALMERS GEMS to 

demonstrate how I create Wire Trees, not for 

jewellery making, but for small scale sculptural 


The demonstration will be live on Chalmers Gems

Facebook page. So please feel free to join 

us to share in this fun, wirework experience and

check with Chalmers Gems when they go

LIVE on this link.

Chalmers Gems supply a very comprehensive

choice of beautiful base gemstones for all your

jewellery needs, plus base stones for the

trees to sit on. These will all be on offer and

ready to purchase on Friday from their website.

Please do follow them on Instagram too, where

they do regular 'live' events and sales!

In the past, I have created wire trees using glass

beads or crystals and set them onto to wood

slices, however, when you're using gemstone

chips for the 'blossom', a gemstone base will 

give the tree that extra elegance, plus add an

essence of quality, rarity and beauty. Also, if 

you're into the healing aspect of 'stones', then 

it adds extra symbolism and energy to your 

hard work!

Above, is a tree created on a beautiful raw piece 

of black Tourmaline from Chalmers Gems

The blossom is a mixture of gemstone chips: 

Garnet, Moonstone and Peridot.

The base on the tree above is, Chrysocolla and

the blossom is a mixture of multicoloured Beryl.

This smaller tree (above) is wired onto a Fuschite 

gemstone base with Amethyst blossom.

A full instructional video is available on my 

YouTube Channel: Linda Jones Wire Jewellery. 

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