Friday, 12 September 2014


I often wish there were more hours in the day!! I've had 2 
CREATE and CRAFT TV shows to prepare since I last blogged and
now I'm working on the next one for October 11th ... Never a
dull moment here in my workshop!

This little gift of my TWISTED STEM EARRING Tutorial 
has eminated from my last show, which featured a JIG and  
WIRE TWISTING demonstration. I was particularly impressed 
with the twisting tool as it was so small, portable and did the job!  
In the past, I've always twisted wires with my hand drill which 
is a lot more bulky, so I highly recommend this little gadget!


1. If you like long,
elegant earrings, you're
going to love this project!

Start by twisting 3 lengths 
of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire 
together ... or more, if you feel 
so inclined. Then, cut the 
length into two 3" (7.5cm)

2. Using your chain nosed pliers, hold the twisted cable 
about an inch in at one end and UN-TWIST with your
flat nosed pliers to separate the wires out at each end.
Leave about 1" (2.5cm) of twist at the centre of each length.

3. Take one of
the projecting
wires at each
end (on each
stalk) and wrap
around the stem 
to secure the twist
at the centre of 
each stalk.

4. It's up to you, but you can either cut
off the projecting wires (leaving just
one as link at each end) OR create small,
spirals to flatten over the wrapped wires 
underneath. This also provides a little extra
detail and decoration to your earring stems. 
Use your flat nose pliers to straighten out the 
projecting wires at the top and base of each stalk
and stroke it flat with the nylon end of the 
Whammer on a steel block.

5. Gently Whammer the central twisted cable 
on a steel block to spread and flatten slightly
and using your round nosed pliers, create top and base
links on each end of the twisted stems. 
(P.S.*This is also a good technique for creating
stalk like chain links).

6.  To create the finished earrings, suspend from
ear wires and attach with beads of your choice!

Above - you'll see something more bold, whilst
below ...

... pearly and girly. Dainty and elegant!

I do hope you enjoy experimenting with this tutorial!
Try twisting more colourful wires for a chunkier, more
vibrant look!
Now back to the shows I've just done for
CREATE and CRAFT TV with beautiful materials
and products from BEADS DIRECT!
I've had to make lots of samples and thought you
might want a tiny sneak peak at some of them if you've
missed the shows ... a little inspiration can always go a long 
way!  One of my shows was based on demonstrating the 
wonders of the Coiling Gizmo - a simple, yet brilliant tool!
which in my mind, should take over from the
current Loom Band craze! Here are a few Gizmo
madness to whet your appetites ...

I think that's probably enough for the time being, as
I can hear a few yawns in the background! Anyhow, 
THANK YOU to LeRoy Goertz for inventing such
a neat wire gadget!  
I also created lots of Celtic samples to back up
the projects from one of my books called:
Wire and Bead Celtic Jewellery 
Here are a few of the pieces:

Starting with plaited wire bangles and rings ...

I also had fun demonstrating some projects using a JIG:

The spiral chain links are created by hand and

This Celtic (style) cross shows a chain link system 
created with a jig and below, you'll see another ...

However, my book doesn't only contain jig projects,
here are few more created without!

Just learn to create a few simple wire spirals and the rest
will just falls into place!

Above, is a good example of what you can do with
twisted wires ... making choker frames, bangles,
pendant frames, rings ... etc... etc ... it provides endless 
possibilities to create chunkier frameworks for pieces 
with mixed colours.

The wonders of wire never ceases to amaze me!
Anyhow, I do hope you enjoyed the small gallery
of work and why not have a go at twisting some 
wire to make a pair of elegant, Twisted Stem Earrings!