Monday, 4 April 2022


It's approaching Easter and the schools are breaking up

for their holidays, so I wanted to create a tutorial that the 

whole family could get involved in. Hence my Egg Toppers! 

These are just like head dresses for your painted eggs which 

you can personalise for your family members and friends!

My family has a tradition of painting hard boiled

eggs on Good Friday to display decoratively

on the Easter Sunday table and when the family

comes over for lunch, we have an egg bashing

competition! This stems from my Mother's Greek

childhood connections.

I believe there are lots of different egg traditions

around the world! In Scotland, I hear it's egg rolling,

Germany, it's an egg dance, in Sweden, they like

to roll their eggs on roof tiles ... and of course there's

egg decorating and egg hunts, not to mention

chocolate egg buying and consumption!!

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And Egg Toppers, Part 2

To get you started, there are Glasses, Rabbit Ears, 
a Tiara, and a Crown ... and with this inspiration, 
I'm sure that you will be able to have fun coming 
up with your own variations, customising them
for each family member, as well as your friends!

Plus, if you wish to create your own wire egg cups that have
their own natural wobble ... here's some extra inspiration: