Thursday, 4 July 2019


It's a been a while ... as 'LIFE' has got in the way and been
completely all-consuming! It's either been work, elderly parents
to care for, a wayward son, or a full house to contend with! I
can just about manage all of those, but the blog post with tutorials
have had to take a back seat! Therefore, many apologies! But hopefully,
this little sunshine project, will get you back to fiddling with those
pliers and wires!

So, to anyone who's out there wanting to create a summer pendant,
or pair of earrings, here goes to some SUMMERY DANGLES!


Working from a spool of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire, leave a tail of
approx. 4cm and create a complete circle and then straighten the wire ...
Leave a little space, then place your round nosed (or step pliers)
on the straight wire and form another complete circle next to it ...
Continue making 7 complete circles along the straight wire. Then,
cut from the spool leaving another projecting tail at the opposite end.

(*If you wish to make smaller hoops - 3 or 5 circles is an alternative).


Wrap the row of circles around a cylindrical mandrel - mine was
approx. 3cm across - to form a circular shaped frame.


Remove the unit from the mandrel and bend one of the projecting
wires up to form a central stem.


Trim the opposite end, until you have just enough to form a link
to secure around the projecting stem wire. Squeeze to secure and
cut off any excess.


You can gently hammer the outer frames with your nylon mallet
to work harden the frame. And if, like me, you wish to create big
Summer Dangle Earrings, now's the time to create a second frame
repeating all previous steps.

Otherwise, create one frame for a pendant necklace.


Choose your colour scheme of beads for your suspended dangles!
I have used bugle beads and created small wire spirals to hang
off them.  Plus a central focal dangle ... But as always, ANYTHING


And 'hey presto'! Anything can hang off those loops! Plus you
can suspend anything from the centre top stem to dangle within
the centre of your circular frame with a jump ring or two ...


I  do hope that's given you some inspiration to create your own
fun, summer dangles!

Above is a party set! Created with copper wire and fiery red and
orange crystal beads!

Or, if you only have wire to hand ...

Above is a pendant, created with wire alone. Not a bead
in sight ...

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