Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope most of you are getting ready for the
Easter holidays!  A Spring break, or a religious
festival ... whichever is part of your culture and

I have been as busy as the busiest buzzy bee has
ever been! Bzzzzzzzz ... Apart from the
flingings of life (and all that that entails) I have
just finished filming 2 wirejewellery project DVD's
with ...

which I will talk about again when I can reveal
a tangible product and supplier ... but for now,
here's a little gift of a project. It's less fattening
than a chocolate cream egg and if you have
children or grandchildren, it's fun to create as
an Easter gift.

So, if you're sitting comfortably .... here's my
SMILEY EASTER GIFT to all you wonderfully
creative souls out there:

1.  Working directly from a spool of  0.8mm-20-gauge
wire, wrap the wire twice around a cylindrical mandrel.
(I used a mandrel of approx. 2cm diameter).  Slide the
wire coil off the mandrel and cut from the spool.

2.  Thread each end with a bead of your choice
(approx. 6mm-8mm) and create small headpins
at the very end of each wire.

3.  Using the very tips of your chain nosed pliers,
bend the wire around the beads (in towards the
centre of the circular frame (in opposite directions).

4. Repeat step 3 and bend the wires around again
to bring them into position at the top end of your
circular frame. "Bosh!" You've just completed the

5.  Now for the MOUTH. Cut approx. 4cms of
0.8mm-20gauge wire and create a 'U' shape around
the top of your ring mandrel ... anything that will
give you the right diameter.  Hammer the curved
end of the unit to spread, flatten and work harden
and create loops at each cut end.

6.  Connect the looped ends of the 'mouth' to the
base of the 'eyes' and secure with your pliers.

7.  Cut approximately 8cm of 0.4mm-26gauge wire
and wrap around the top of the frame ... and then
around and into the base of a jump ring (about 7mm or so)
and back around the top of the frame ...

And there you have it! Neaten up the ends of the
wire and you're ready to suspend it from a chain!

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D

And now for some pieces that I made earlier ...


I call these my 'Happy Monday Earrings' (don't ask!).

I also created a smiley key ring!

Here's a black wire and yellow bead set, (using permanent
black marker for the eyeball dots) ... they do look slightly
weird though when the beads spin around!!

s    m    i    l   e   y 
E  A  S  T  E  R  !