Thursday, 5 August 2021

The Art of Simplicity

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." Coco Chanel

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

Those two quotes resonate with me when I'm designing. The ability to simplify, 

can help you to create a stronger visual piece, as you're eliminating the 

unnecessary 'fluff', enabling the necessary to speak! Just as I'm sure, you've 

often heard the phrase: Less is More!

So carrying on with that vibe, I thought I would share the simplest of tutorials. 

This will help if you haven't picked up your pliers in a while, or if you're new 

to fiddling with wire! 

As most of us are going to be enjoying a 'staycation' this year, or perhaps are 

quarantined with too much time to fill, this summer project just requires some 

wire that's not too thin: I have used 1.6mm aluminium, because it's soft, light 

and very easy to manipulate.


Depending how large you wish your pendant to be, 

find a circular object to wrap your wire around, thereby

creating a full circle. Cut the wire off from the spool, 

leaving the ends overlapping on each side.


Place your round nosed pliers at one end and create 

a circle.


Hold the circle in your flat nosed pliers and continue

curling the wire around into a spiral, leaving a small

projecting tail at the very end.


Using your round nosed pliers, curl the projecting 

tail into a link at the top of your spiral.


Place your spiral onto a steel block and gently hammer 

to flatten and work harden.

STEP 6 (optional)

If like me, you have used a thick gauge wire, you can

choose to texture the surface with the small dapping 

head of the Whammer hammer. (If the wire curls up, 

flatten it back down with the nylon head).


Depending on how simple you wish to make the 

pendant, you can just secure 0.4mm wire around 

the top two wires. This keeps it from misshaping, 

or opening up when worn.

STEP 8 (optional)

If you wish, you can continue weaving whatever 

0.4mm wire you have left ... or, you can wire in a bead, 

or small seed beads within the spaces at this stage.

STEP 9 (central bead feature)

You can choose to leave the centre of your spiral

(A) as is, or (B) glue in a small flat backed crystal, 

or as above (C) and following on with steps 10-13, 

thread a bead with 0.8mm wire, forming a small 

spiral at one end.


Flatten the spiral onto the bead, pulling the excess 

wire straight at the back.


Thread the bead stem through the central hole of 

the spiral (with the bead on the front side).


Create a spiral with the 0.8mm projecting wire (at the back of 

the bead), bringing it tightly up towards the centre of the spiral.


Flatten the small spiral against the back of the bead and 

centre of the pendant. (*For extra security, you can always 

add a dab of glue to prevent the bead from moving around.)


Et voila! A very simple necklace pendant that just

needs popping onto a chain with an extra jump ring!

This design also looks great created as earrings!


During this very strange, unsettling and 

difficult year, I have created many pieces 

of jewellery and if you follow me on 

Instagram(lindajoneswirejewellery) you will 

see them all and more!

So if you need a spark of inspiration for 

more summer pieces to make, below is a gallery 

of my latest work. 

I hope that you enjoy! 


It's good for your wellbeing!

Please do also feel free to ask for any advice 

with techniques, or project suggestions. I 

always love to help if I can!