Friday, 1 April 2016

The Great British Jewellery Make Off!

Now ... just IMAGINE ...
that you're sitting comfortably on your sofa at home,
flicking at the channels with your TV zapper, and 
to your wonderment and delight, just starting is ...


This is an 8 week series, with each programme
highlighting a jewellery technique, such as:
Polymer Clay, Beadwork, Resin, Soutache, Silversmithing,
Lampworking, Silver Metal Clay, Wire (yes, WIRE work!!!).
Without giving too much away, you will be able to follow
10 budding artist jewellers 'having a go' at each medium and
technique. You will glimpse and learn about the provenance of
each process and style, you will get to see top UK jeweller's
at work, being filmed in their studios... and inevitably, as is the
format for most of our current reality TV shows, there will be a
winner, who is able to show the judges that they have an all
round technical ability and a supreme design flair!

Myself and Jessica Rose (the founder of the London
Jewellery School) are just itching to get this amazing
series off the ground, however, there are many, many
obstacles! We've had the Great Painting Challenge, I
believe there has also been a Gardening and Interior
Design series too? Obviously, The Great British Bake Off
is renowned, The Great British Sewing Bee, The Pottery
Throwdown ... so why not: The Great British Jewellery
Make Off?

3 years ago I approached the BBC with the idea for
a series on WireWork and admittedly they decided that
it was too niche.

I have since applied to many, many more independent film
production companies, to all the UK TV channels with the format
mentioned above, but sadly to no avail! I especially wanted to
pitch to Love Film Productions, who create the Bake Off, Sewing
Bee and Pottery Throw Down, but they are a completely "closed
shop" and do not entertain any ideas from outside, it's all 'in house'

The closest I got, was the Tweet above! So, without
any contacts in television, it's pretty near impossible
to know how to pitch a new programme idea! Hence
the reason for this blog ... I've hit every wall, but
there is always a tiny, glint of a chance, that if YOU
help spread the word, perhaps someone, somewhere who
knows somebody connected to someone else who
has a contact to television broadcasting services ...
could possibly get this idea known and I am ready
and waiting to pitch, so that we can get this on our screens
as soon as possible and to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Talking of dreams ... if you were able to catch my
recent Create and Craft TV show for BEADS DIRECT,
I demonstrated my designs for Dream Catcher Pendants.
Maybe, this is what we should all be making and
hanging in our houses and offices to help manifest
the jewellery TV programme?

If you are interested in getting the instructions for the
pendant, OR if you have ANY contacts in TV,
just email me, at: 

and I will send you the pattern and together, we'll
push the universe to answering our jewellery dreams!

Happy WireWorking to one and all!