Sunday, 24 January 2010

WireWorkers Guild Issue 1

WELCOME to the

The only oath you have to swear as a member, is that you 'love creating wire art' and are willing to share this passion and enthusiasm with fellow wireworkers!

The purpose of the Guild is to create an exchange of creative minds, enabling the craft and you as the artist, to evolve to a higher artistic level. The Guild welcomes anyone who creates objects such as jewellery, accessories or sculpture using wire as a main ingredient. Beads or any other components, materials and embellishments can be added, we are not purists, however we endorse and encourage creative originality.

If you are a total beginner you will just be discovering the capabilities and versatility of wire, whilst if you are experienced, you will already know that you can never stop learning and will continue to evolve creatively with wire as a material.

As you are all aware, there is a proliferation of online bead suppliers touting their wares and we welcome information on new tools, gadgets and materials to include in our creations, so any new discoveries, tips or advice that you wish to share with fellow members is encouraged. However, as the editor of the newsletter, I will have the power to exclude any contribution that seems unrelated.

There will be 5 sections for your contribution:

1) WIREY DIARY ... tell us about the latest shows and events in your area

2) TIPS & ADVICE ... send us your queries, questions and personal tips

3) GRAPEVINE ... spread the word about bargains to be found, new gadgets, and tools, infact anything that related to wirework)

4) SHOWCASE PROJECT ... we will feature at least one project per newsletter, so please feel free to send one in (with a clear JPeg image of the finished item, plus step-by-step instructions)

5) NETWORKING ... this section is for anyone who wants to place their email address or contact details in the newsletter in order to get in touch with like-minded wireworkers in their area. You can also advertise your website to showcase you work, supplies or courses

If you are happy to be part of the launch of the first WireWorkers Guild, spread the word and don't forget, we will ALL only benefit if we are prepared to share our ideas, tips, advice and experiences!

In anticipation of your emails ...

Go to and use the Contact Form quoting WW GUILD on the subject heading.

Happy Wireworking!