Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy Summer Holidays!

Due to Formula 1 pace commitments in my current life,
it's been difficult keeping up with regular postings,
but before I disappear for a little while again ...
I will try and update you on what I've been up to.

I'm very excited to be working on a new project book
with Search Press publishers, which will be photographed
all next week and out at the beginning of next year!

Obviously, I can't reveal too much at this point,
except to say, that the style and mix of projects
will be contemporary with a element of 'tribal'!

My DVD launched through Beads Direct has now
been joined by Part 2 and if you need inspiration,
this is worth a look at!

Part 1 is excellent as an intro to wirework and
has simple projects that have the 'wow' factor.

Part 2 is also packed with techniques and projects
that will trigger your creative juices and make you
realise that once you've caught that wire bug, you
will endlessly be wanting to fiddle and make more!
The government health warning on the sleeve of each
DVD should read: This is a completely safe addiction
and very self-rewarding!

As some of you may know, I have been very busy working
on Create and Craft TV, sponsored by Beads Direct,
creating masses of sample pieces and designs and
demonstrating on their live shows.  I'm taking a mini
break from all that, but will come back to do more shows
in October, starting with some Christmas themes.
Dates will be posted up in September nearer the time,
on my Facebook page...

In the last show, I did have such fun playing with the 2mm textured
anodised aluminium wire, creating a whole range of rings and bangles!

Here's a quickie make ... which can be created with ANY gauge wire
from 0.8mm (20-gauge) upwards!

I also had fun working with MESH RIBBON!
In the past I've experimented with:

... teasing it around beads.

Attaching beads on to it.

Stuffing wire shapes into it!

Just generally playing with it!

However, if I was to choose a favourite design, to
wear, it's this Pom-Pom lariat necklace.  You can
stretch the mesh to create the ribbon cord and tease
open the ends of the tubing to suspend with wire
pom pom beads. (This pom-pom project is fully
explained on my DVD part 1).

For my Create and Craft TV shows, I had to work with
shocking pink mesh and created a variation sample
with cascading beads:

And taking it one step further, for a more flamboyant

You can create this long Lasso Lariat with
side flower embellishment.

Here's a closer look!

Just want to take this moment to wish you 
all a great summer and will keep you updated 
on more wirey stuff when and if I can! xxx