Wednesday, 11 November 2015



I love discovering new wire artists! Especially when they appear from 
different parts of the globe! That's the beauty of the internet, seeing an 
image pop up, that blows you away!

Le me introduce you to Putra, a 26 year old jeweller from Banten,
Jawa Barat in Indonesia. He only started making jewellery about 2 
years ago! Not only does he work in wire, but is a metalsmith too, 
polishes and cuts stones and basically is a master jeweller! However,
as this is a wire blog, I'm going to concentrate on his wire artistry. 
I can't tell you too much about Putra, because my Indonesian is very rusty 
(yes, I did actually live in Java a long time ago!) and his English is limited, 
however, an air or mystery is no bad thing and in this case, I don't think
words are necessary as Putra's designs speak for themselves.


Are you sitting comfortably? If so, take a visual gallery trip into
some of Putra's stunning wirework designs!

And here's a personal favourite of mine!

Putra, has also kindly agreed to share one of his a ring tutorials with us.
Again, the images speak for themselves!
So watch and learn ...

Putra will also be teaching this Bird design ring in his workshop!
Such a talent!
Terima Kasih, Putra! I hope this blog will spread your fame a little

Here's the artist himself! I just know you'll be seeing more of his work 
in the future!
Putra's jewellery brand is DEBOU HANDYCRAFTS.