Friday, 6 May 2016

Summer Shell Necklace

The weather has turned beautifully sunny, which
tempted me to pull out some Abalone beads that
have been sitting in my stash for ages! If you are
anything like me, it can sometimes take a few
years before I know what to make create with
certain styles, colours and types of beads!

I've chosen this style of torque necklace as a tutorial, as you
you can create it with ANY style of bead and it always provides
a WOW-factor effect!

So, if you're sitting comfortably, here's how it's made!

1. Cut approximately 6 x 24" lengths of 0.8mm wire. Twist all
the wires together. I used a hand drill and table vice to form
my twisted cable.  Place the wires around a circular mandrel
to shape.

2. Grip the ends of the wires with your flat nosed pliers and
twist in the opposite direction to unravel them, maintaining
the twisted wire cable to fit the necklace measurement.

3. Using your round nosed pliers, create wiggles, loops and
hoops with your projecting wires.
(*If you are using beads that can actually thread onto the
projecting wires, then you could thread them directly onto
each of the ends).

4. Cut small lengths of 0.4mm wire and attach to the
side of one of the looped ends. Thread the opposite
end with your chosen bead ...

5. Push the bead right up to the loop, so that it is supported on
the frame and bind the wire on the opposite side. Cut off any
excess wire and neaten the end.

6. Continue doing this on all the loops, you can use different
coloured and sized beads for a multi-coloured effect, or like
me, use the same style throughout.

7. Cut another long length of 0.4mm wire and if desired,
attach some more beads up and around the sides of
the twisted cable ...

8. Using your chain nosed pliers, bend one of the ends
at right angles to the necklace.

9. The kink in the wires, provides you with the front catch
for your choker: one end can link over the other to fasten.
Spend a little time adjusting the wire tendrils and beads into
a pleasing arrangement at the front.

I hope that's provided some refreshing inspiration to create
your own torque style chokers using any beads of your choice!

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on The Whammer Hammer Show on
this Tuesday 10th May at 11am!
BEADS DIRECT have given me
some gorgeous kits to play with!

Here's another necklace design I created using this
very similar technique:

Happy WireWorking!