Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Life is buzzing! So much to do and the treadmill is
chugging along too fast! However it's all good and
I will keep you posted as things materialise ...

Firstly, you might have noticed that the new
(click the word above to find out more ...)

has been launched by Beadsmith! I designed this a couple
of years ago, but am happy to say that Beadsmith have now
launched it into a world market - so everyone can purchase one -
and this version has an extra texturing head! I can also personally
guarantee that it's the best wire jewellery hammer in the world!

I'm also hoping to bring out a project book on work hardening
and wire hammering techniques ... and the other very exciting
news is my up-and-coming debut on televsion ... only a shopping
channel, but 'hey ho', one has to start somewhere!  I'm being sponsored
by BEADS DIRECT to introduce a wire work kit, to bring along
a new beading audience on CREATE and CRAFT TV.  Look out
for my first show on Saturday 26th July at 3pm!

As well as teaching, writing, demonstrating and designing ... I've been
selling (at a local Open Studio) and one of the summer designs that
flew off the shelves was my Summer Balls Necklace. I wanted to call
it "Woops! I've Ballzed It Again" Necklace ... but that just sounded
too much of a mouthfull!

Anyhow,  I thought I would share with you, a variation of the design,
with the wire beads being less circular and more oval (rugby
ball shape) as after all, the football world cup is now well and trully over!



Get yourself some 0.4mm or 0.5mm (26-28 gauges)
coloured wires - any combination of fine wires will do!
Measure an arm's length of each and create a circular
link at each end of the wire. (This is only because you
don't want to have any spiky ends when you start


Grab all the wires in both hands and start scrunching them up
together in a random fashion. Then roll the scrunched wire around
the palms of your hands (as if you're shaping a meat ball!). Once
the wire has shaped into a circular ball, start molding it into an oval
shape, using your fingers and hands.

Cut another length of wire (again, an arm's length) this time I've
used 0.4mm (26-gauge) silver, (but you can keep to the colours
you were using) and use this to bind and thread (a bit like sewing)
around the 'bead' shape.  This will anchor and secure any loose wires
that might want to lift up. Push the ends into the core of the beads ...
where the sun don't shine!


Using the tips of your chain nosed pliers, twist and tweak the
binding wires (silver) around the surface of the bead to tighten and
provide more interesting shapes to the surface.


Thread the wire beads onto a length of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire,
interspersing it with beads of your choice. (I used some 8mm
silver beads).  Create wrapped links at end of the wire.


Now, all that's left to do - is to attach a chain to the back of the
necklace and create a clasp out of 0.8mm wire!


Trying making wire pendants
in different shapes using
this method!