Saturday, 31 December 2011



to all fellow wire artists!!

As is traditional, this is a time to take stock and start afresh
with new plans and ideals, so I felt my wire LEAF designs could
potentially provide possible inspiration to "turn over a (proverbial)
new leaf" for the coming year!!

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in.
A pessimist stays up to make sure
the old year leaves."
(quote by Bill Vaughan)


The tutorial for this handbag charm can be
found in an older post (Friday 7th January 2011).

A cascade of hammered leaf frames and open
swirls can make a pretty necklace centrepiece.

Circle of Leaves Necklace:
Wire and beaded leaves connected as a continuous
chain for the front of a necklace. (Or, why not create this
in a smaller scale, for a bracelet or ankle chain design!).


There's something so elegant about this tapered shape
for earrings and if you wish to see instructions, you can
view them on Bead TV in the 'Wirework Projects section.

Leaf Fringe Necklace.
This design has an almost 'tribal' appearance and
looks great as a choker necklace.

Why not create a gold leaf necklace using ready made

It's also possible to create delicate and elegantly
flattering long chain designs with wirey leaf frames ...

... with, or without beads!

Or ...
use beads
to add a
dash of
to the
of the
leaf frame!

Here's my Autumn Leaf Tiara. You'll find full
instructions for this and a necklace and matching
earrings in my latest book:
Creating Wire & Beaded Weddings.
SO ...

Friday, 23 December 2011


Here's a little present - a speedy make project - to ALL fellow
wireworkers. I will call it the KISS-ME-QUICK NECKLACE
as it's based on the MISTELTOE plant, which traditionally at
Christmas is used as a decoration under which to kiss your
loved ones! I believe the tradition ultimately derives from some
ancient Norse myth of Baldur ... which is far too long and complicated
a story to tell here. So, if you're really interested, you'll have
to 'google' it!!

All you need for this, is your thickest wire to hand: I used
1.25mm, however, 1mm is perfectly adequate too. Also, some
0.8mm wire, 2 white pearly beads and a chain. As for tools, your
round and flat nosed pliers, wire cutters, hammer and steel

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then, please read on:

1. Cut 3" (7.5cm) of 1.25mm wire (or 1mm) and placing
your round nosed pliers just off from the centre of the
length, wrap the wire around, bringing both ends back
down. Using your fingers (or mandrel), shape the projecting
ends into a curve on each side (as shown above).

2. Place the wire unit on a steel block and hammer the
ends in a spreading/stroking motion so that they 'mushroom'
out. Also tap the top of the link to flatten (but avoid the
crossed over wires as this will weaken them).

3. Cut 6" (15cm) of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire and wrap
the centre of the length around the base of the top link
to secure, pulling the extending wires out in either side.

4. Thread one of your pearl beads (about 8mm diameter)
onto one of the projecting wires and push it right up to
the link. Press and wrap the wire around the perimeter
of the bead and with your round nosed pliers, create a
small circle at the very end of the wire.

5. Continue curling the wire to create a spiral at the
end, right up until you reach the pearl bead ...

... press the
spiral over the
front of the

6. Thread a second pearl bead (mine was
slightly smaller) and wrap the end around
the perimeter of the bead (as before) and
continue wrapping it around the back of the
bead. Press the end against the back of the bead
with your chain nosed pliers to ensure that there is
no spiky end protruding.

7. Now all you have to do is attach it to
a jump ring and suspend it from a chain!
And 'hey presto'! you've made a "Kiss-me-
Quick" Necklace!!

8. P.S. If the hammered ends don't 'mushroom'
out quite as expected on your first attempt ...
(because after all, hammering IS an acquired
technique and does take a little practice !) ...
just curl them up with the tips of your round nosed
pliers and you've got a new unique beaded

AND ... also, here's another idea ...
how about making it a little more
festive with a red ribbon!

FOR 2012!!

Friday, 9 December 2011


The little ones are all counting their 'sleeps' to
CHRISTMAS, whilst us bigger folk are planning
and working hard to prepare to enjoy a few days
off work and a family catch up and then it's a
brand new start in 2012!

If you're stuck for what to put on your Xmas
WISH LIST, I've got the perfect solution.
Did I mention I have a new book coming out?

It's out in January and can be purchased on both
"" as well as "dot co dot uk"
and it's entitled:

...34 step by step projects for tiaras, necklaces, hair
accessories, table decorations, and MORE ... !!!

Published By Cico Books

Now, I know what you're thinking ... "I don't want
a wire project book that just specialises in wedding
projects!" However, I can guarantee the projects
are very adaptable to every day wear. O.K., you're
right ... you wouldn't wear a tiara to the supermarket!
However, have you thought of adapting a tiara design by
wearing it upside down, around the neck as a choker necklace?

The book is broken up into 4 main seasonal chapters, with
each chapter using a themed colour palette: Spring has green,
ivory and white combined with silver and Autumn or Fall has
ambers, golds and creamy pearls, etc..., etcetera-ra-ra ...

The projects not only include jewellery but card designs and
table accessories for the Reception, all of which can be adapted
to other special occasions and gifts. I've tried to pour in every thing
I've gleaned throughout the years when designing for brides,
bridesmaids and Mother's of the bride ... I promise you wont be
disappointed, especially as the photography by both Geoff Dann and
Stuart West is stunning!

As a little teaser, here's a little glimpse at some of the projects

A little
taste of

... and below, a 'wee' peep at SUMMER ...

... and now for a key hole glimpse
of AUTUMN or FALL ...

... and finally ... a tiny peep at WINTER!

There's everything from: a corsage, a hat pin,
to favour bag charms, tea light holders, shoe clips,
hair comb decorations and fascinators, bridesmaid's
wands, handbag charms, cake topper, table decorations
and place name holders, to jewellery ... not to mention
the obvious: bridal tiaras!

Each seasonal chapter also has a design idea for a
invitation card. These can be adapted to suit many
other occasions such as 'Get Well Soon', 'Happy Birthday',
Wedding Anniversary' and 'Christmas"!!!!

So what are you waiting for? If you enjoy creating
beautiful pieces with wire, it doesn't matter if
you're a complete beginner, intermediate or
advanced, there's something in this book for
everyone which will sparkle and ignite creativity
and boundless inspiration!

You can pre-order NOW from "amazon" and it will
be with you for the dawning of the New Year!



P.S. There are always a few projects that don't make a book
and here are a couple of pieces that didn't get aired in the final draft,
however, I thought I would share them with you now ...

A hair-vine
that's wraps
around the
side of the
head ...

This Bridesmaid bangle also ended up on

the cutting room floor and missed being
in glorious technicolour published print!