Sunday, 13 March 2016


With Easter fast approaching at a hare's pace
(well, that's what the bunny rabbits have told me!), 
I thought I would publish this tutorial nice and early 
to give you plenty of time to create it and make it your own!

This BASKET PENDANT can be created in
any size you wish, just scale it up or down. The basket in
this tutorial, is about 1" (2.5cm) in height, which is also,
just the right size to squeeze in one shop-bought small
chocolate egg!

So, if you're sitting comfortably ... I'll begin:

1. Using 2 cylindrical mandrels, create two different sized
circles of wire, leaving a short and longer tail on each
end.  (I wrapped my 0.8mm wire around a ring mandrel,
using ring size 'H' for the base and 'T' for the top.)

2. Wrap the short end around the circular shape to secure
and on each unit, bend the extending tail, 90 degrees.

3. Secure the circular frames, one above the other,
using the long tail wires to secure around the top of
one and the base of the other.

4.  Cut more straight lengths of 0.8mm wire, leaving just
enough to secure at the top and base of the circles, to stabilize
the 'basket' structure.

5.  I added 3 more lengths, but you might need more for a
larger structure, so just keep going until it starts to feel
sturdy and stable.

6.  Cut a long (arm's length) of 0.4mm wire (any colour!) and
begin wrapping this up and around the top and base of the
tapered cylinder.  You can choose to weave this more neatly
than I did, but ... I just happen to like the organic, rustic look!

7. Once you have covered the side surfaces, weave more 0.4mm
wire to create a base for the bottom of the basket.

8.  Once you've made the basket (it will look like a tiny waste
paper bin or thimble!) spend a little time 'tweaking' any
loose wires around the sides with the tips of your chain nose
pliers.  Now, for the handle:  Cut approximately, 8" (21cm)
of 0.8mm wire and fold in half.

9.  Hold the double end in your round nosed pliers and
with your hand, twist the 2 extending wires together.

10. To even out your twisted length, pull and twist the
ends using your flat nosed pliers.

11. Shape the twisted cable around a circular mandrel
to form a curve, to the same size as the diameter of the
top of your basket.

12.  Using your wire cutter, trim the ends of the curve to
the same length and then holding the ends in your pliers,
UN-twist, only the very ends, about 1cm up and separate
the wires out.

13. Use each of the unraveled ends to secure to each
side of the top of the basket. (Leaving the other wires
projecting ...)

14. Create small spirals with the 2 remaining
projecting wires. Flatten these over the sides of the
basket handle.

15.  Tie a ribbon and create a small bow to the top
side of the handle and fill with fresh water (potato) pearls.
(Jeweller's Eggs!!)

16. Attach to a long chain, ribbon, or cord. I created a
Stick-Twist chain for mine out of 0.8mm wire and connected
it with 1mm wire jump rings.

17. These little baskets are great for gemstones and
sea-glass, or any special artifacts you want to carry
around ... so, this little basket pendant is NOT just an
Easter project, but can worn throughout the year!

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial!