Friday, 22 January 2021


I realise that it's been a while since I've published anything here!

However, I'm sure you will understand, as we've all been in

'the same boat', trying to make sense and cope with the mess

in the world around us!

I'm not going to talk about the negatives, I just want to

inspire you with inner creativity, as an escape route to all

the stress and anxiety that you're currently experiencing.

On that note, I thought I would share with you one of
my favourite necklace projects, which I call the:
Throughout the ages (of pandemics, peace and war!),
the sun motif has been used in all art forms to represent cosmic
power, life, energy and strength. Therefore, I hope that by making
and wearing this pendant, you will feel mentally empowered with
a little extra Positive Energy!

I have broken the tutorial down as much as possible and you 
can tailor make it your own, with or without a woven bail
as well as, with or without a bead!!

All you will need is your usual tool collection of pliers (round,
chain nosed, flat) plus wire cutters. As for materials, one round
bead (of at least 12mm in diameter), seed beads, plus 0.8mm 
and 0.4mm wire.


Working directly from a spool of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire,
leave a tail of 2" (5cm) and using your flat nosed pliers,
bend the wire up and down (to the height of the pliers).
Squeeze the doubled wires together, so that one wire sits
tightly behind the other.


Place the tips of your chain nosed pliers next to the base of
the doubled wire to form a small gap before repeating another
double wire stalk bend. 
Continue creating double bends (or 'rays') along the wire, trying 
to keep the height and the base gap as similar as you can ...


Create enough 'rays' to surround the perimeter of the bead you 
have chosen. 
*To ensure this measurement, wrap a piece of string (or strip of
paper) around the bead and use this to check the length.
Once you have enough 'rays', cut the wire from the spool,
leaving at least 2" (5cm) projecting at the end.


To create a circular frame, you need to bring the ends together.
Place the tips of your chain nosed pliers in between the gaps
of the 'ray spikes' and gently bend around to start shaping.


To help with the shaping, place a ring mandrel or circular object
such as a chunky pen, and shape the wire around. Bringing the 
two projecting ends together to form a circle.


Cut approximately 4" (10cm) of 0.4mm (24-gauge) wire
and use this to bind the projecting ends together, securing
the top of the circular frame.


Bring the rest of the 0.4mm wire down the centre space of
the frame and thread with your chosen bead. Position the bead
into the central space and secure in place, by wrapping the wire
on the opposite side of the frame, in between the 'rays'. 
Cut off any excess wire.


Cut off an 'arm's length' of 0.4mm wire and secure at the
top of the pendant. Wrap around the frame once, then thread
with a seed bead (or 2 - whatever fits into the gaps between
the rays). Bind the wire once around the frame, before you
move onto and into the next gap and repeat all around the
frame ...


Continue adding beads all around the perimeter of the frame,
securing and binding them into the gaps.


To add extra decoration to the top of the pendant, wrap
and secure any projecting ends of 0.4mm binding wire and
create small tight spirals with the ends. These spirals can
be flattened at the top of the pendant.
If you wish to create a woven bail, straighten out the
0.8mm projecting wires and create an even space between
them and continue on until Step 15
* VARIATION: If you just want a wrapped link at the top
of your pendant, GO TO STEP 16 now.


Cut an 'arm's length' of 0.4mm wire to weave back and forth
within the projecting wires.


When you reach the end of the weave, use the tips of your
round nosed pliers to create 2 small loops at the very end.


Place a pen (or bail making pliers) on your woven wire and
bend around to create the hanging bail.


Use the end of the 0.4mm weaving wire to secure the woven
bail at the top of the pendant. Thread it through and around
to the 2 back loops and if you have any excess, spiral and 
flatten it against the back of the bail for added decoration.


Now it's ready for suspension from a leather cord, ribbon
or chain of your choice.


If you prefer to create the pendant without the woven bail,
at STEP 10, wrap one of the 0.8mm wires around the other
to secure. Spiral the end and flatten against the top wrap.
You can also choose to thread the remaining projecting wire
with 1 or 1 more beads and using your round nosed pliers,
create a wrapped loop at the top of the pendant.

You can also create your own 'S' link infinity chain using
0.8mm wire and seed beads.

Below are some samples to inspire you:

I hope you have fun, giving this one a try!

On another note, I have been shutting out the noise of the world and
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For this month, I have concentrated solely on one item, something that
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What I do know, that by adding a splash of colour and a little beauty
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Sending much love and best wishes to everyone!
I  do hope that like me, you can escape with a little creativity!
And if you have any particular questions about projects you are working
on, or would like to see a particular design or technique shown, please do
let me know and I will do my best to feature it!

Stay well and safe!
Linda xxx