Friday, 20 March 2020


What unprecedented times we all live in! This corona virus
pandemic is sweeping through the world creating new
challenges, circumstances, fear and uncertainty and bringing
along with it, stress, financial hardship and making many
people more isolated and alone than before!

There are always silver linings to these dark clouds and maybe
the time will allow us to explore how to reset and redirect our
mindsets. To take responsibility for our inner thoughts and not let
the outer circumstances control or dictate how we act and feel.

Let's celebrate our creativity and feed it with positive
information! Let's use this time to pause, be still, be more
community minded and allow Mother Earth to breathe again.

So my message, is to use this time to invest in your CREATIVITY!
And if you are stuck for where to start, I am at the end of an
email or FACEBOOK message ...

If you look back at 10 years of The WireWorkers Guild blog posts,
I am certain that you will find a step by step project to fill in some
spare time! Or, if you have a stash of beads and materials and are
stuck at where to begin with your design, send me a photo of your
materials and I will happily try to inspire you with some ideas.
Or, perhaps you are half way through a design and need help
with finishing it off ... Again, I am always happy to help!

So, why is it so important to invest in CREATIVITY?
Well, in my humble opinion, seeing and experiencing the world
through a creative lens, makes life infinitely more interesting,
palatable and fulfilling! By being more aware of the visual impact
that the world around has on our senses, improves our wellbeing
and helps us digest the very simplest, most ordinary facts around

We are essentially born CREATIVE! From infancy, we find
innovative ways to negotiate life ... just watch a toddler or young
child trying to problem solve in their own unique way!

In the next few months, as we are all socially more isolated, let's find
ways to inject expressive creativity into our lives! It doesn't just have
to be in crafts, it can be cooking and making a meal, writing, dancing
or re-arranging your house!

Here are some ideas to get your started:
* Spend time re-organising your workspace, declutter and tidy up
your beads, wires and tools
* Spend 10 minutes looking out of your window and dwell on colour,
shape, form, texture and sound
* Do something new or old, but in a completely different way
* Write down your stream of consciousness to unload
* Pamper yourself, just as your would treat your best friend
* Add a bit more colour and personality to the outfits that your wear
* Choose a favourite wirework project and remake it with
different beads to a different scale
* Practice some Whammer hammer techniques on wire doodles
to bash those blues away

And if you want a quick, simple project to practice, here's something
that I love teaching to any skill level ...

Use this simple wire technique to create a whole host of jewellery

From simple necklaces and earring sets to ...

Charm bracelets!

Different beads and coloured wires will instantly give you a
new look!

And finally, as it's Mother's Day here in the U.K. on Sunday,
I would like to wish all the Mothers a restful and very happy
day!  Below is the wire 'Bouquet' card that I created to give
my beautiful 90 year old Mum on Sunday!

So, if there's any wire advice I can pass on to you whilst
we are going through these uncertain times, please
don't hesitate to get in touch! You can message me
through my Facebook page:


Thursday, 12 March 2020


Spring is in the air!
There's an emergence of blossom on the trees ...

Bulbs, buds and bunnies are popping up and more
sunshine is melting those gloomy days away!

I am looking forward to running a day workshop
in Ely, Cambridgeshire this Saturday, at the home of:
With Mother's Day ahead and Springtime vibes,
my teaching themes will be mainly flowers, hearts and

Below, is the simplest beaded HEART project:

I will also be teaching some different flower designs that
can be created as necklaces, brooches, plus look great wired 
to bangles, cuffs and hairbands!

That's one style and here's another, that I also
love to create:

This can be adapted in scale and style to create a whole
suite of jewellery designs!

And after making flowers, I ups and 'leaves'!!!

"bye, bye" ... until next time!