Monday, 10 March 2014


Hi! To all the creative people out there!
I've got so much on at the moment, that
there might be a little 'lull' in this blog,
however, all will be resumed when the
chaos subsides and when I'm able to 
announce all the exciting projects I'm up to!

So, to keep the inspiration soaring until
I'm back, here's a little tutorial for a
which has been a particular recent favourite
shape of mine.  You can create it as a brooch,
earrings, key ring, wire a smaller version to the
shank of a ring ... So versatile and so elegant!
Just take the shape and 'play' with it.  If weaving
is your thing then weave within it ... if beading,
then bead it ... make it your own!
Let your wire do the talking!

1.  For a 3" (8cm) pendant, cut 2 lengths of 0.8mm
(20-gauge) wire (or, thicker wire, if you like chunkier!).
I cut 1 x 8" (20cm) and 1 x 6" (15cm) length and bent
the centre of each wire around a circular mandrel.
My larger mandrel was approx. 3cm in diameter
and the smaller on about 2cm.

2.  Using your chain nosed pliers, secure the ends
of each frame together, leaving a short tail of
wire projecting.

3.  Thread a couple of small beads onto the
projecting wire of the smaller frame and
secure the end around the top of the larger
frame, by wrapping and securing the wire
around it.

4.  Cut a long length of 0.4mm (26-gauge)
wire and secure the centre of the wire around
the top of the frame and begin threading and
wrapping it with beads of your choice. Secure
the wire around the edge of the drop frame as
you go ...

5. Here it is! All the outer frame has been
wire-wrapped, secured and the ends

6.  If desired, you can add a focal bead which
can be attached to the centre with 0.4mm
(26-gauge) wire ... fill as you wish!

7. Finally, spiral the projecting wire up to
the end of the frame and fold it over to
hide the wrap underneath.

ALTERNATIVELY ...  if you prefer ...
you can always turn the piece the other way around
and create a suspension link!

8. However, for the "spike" effect, this way around
makes a great statement pendant! Just suspend from
jump rings or, a handmade bail of your choice.

Below, are some of the other variations I have designed 
and created using this shape.  I hope this triggers some 
new inspiration with your own wire designs!

Here are some 
smaller 'drop' 
spikes for 2 
different blue
toned necklaces
that I was 
to make.

And back to the larger pendants, here are some other
variations ...

This is a great way of using up odds and ends
of 'stash' beads.

Bind, or weave the frame in your own fashion!

... or, add a pearl or two for a bit more
sophisticated elegance!