Tuesday, 6 November 2018


As the countdown to the 'C' word begins ... I am sure
all you creative souls out there, are making lists of what
gifts to make for various family members and friends.

There's plenty of scope with wire - from jewellery, to
home decor and even card toppers and I'm sure, if you
look back at older posts on this blog, you'll find plenty of

I'm still revisiting the projects from my 'Making Colourful
Wire And Beaded Jewellery Book'

And found this decorative 'BUBBLE CHAIN' design,
which could be created as a Christmas or Special Occasion

All you need is 0.8mm (20 gauge) wire of any colour or
type, plus your basic tool kit and you're ready to roll!


Depending on what you're making (bracelet or necklace),
cut 4" (10cm) lengths of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire for each
chain unit.  I would guess at 7 lengths for a bracelet and
possibly 14 for a necklace.

Using your round nosed pliers, curl a link at one end. Then,
place your round nosed pliers next to the link and form
another, larger link (like a '8').


Continue curling the wire in complete circles (of varying sizes)
around your pliers until you have used up all the wire and have
just enough to form a link at the opposite end.


Repeat, to create more 'Bubble Chain' units, all of which will be
guaranteed to be slightly varied and unique!


Place each unit on your steel block and gently tap hammer with the
nylon mallet end of the Whammer hammer to flatten and temper.


You can also use one of the 4" wire lengths to create an integrated
fish hook clasp for your bracelet or necklace.  Start by making a
standard 'fish hook' ...


... and then 'bubble it up'!


It's the same for the opposite end:  Make the 'eye' of the clasp, by
creating a wrapped loop at one end ...


... and 'bubble' up the rest of the length!


Using jump rings, connect all the 'Bubble Chain' units together
attaching the clasp 'hook' and 'eye' at each end.

This technique can be varied in so many ways and here is some
more inspiration to get you going:

Why not create a matching pair of earrings with beads suspended
from the end link? 

Or, create a bracelet with integrated, wired-in beads filling some
the bubble areas?

You could also connect beads in between the chain links. The necklace
above, has a longer 'bubble' unit (which forms the curved centerpiece).

I think you'll agree it's a simple, adaptable chain linking system.
So have fun with your wire experimentations!

Next time ...  we're revisiting another old favourite chain link
of mine: the 'STICK TWIST' chain! So do stayed tuned for more wire
fuelled inspiration sooooon ....