Tuesday, 28 August 2018


In the depth of my past, almost 13 years ago now, I wrote a
project book (see above) that never had the mass sales and
promotion of my others.  In fact, it's now out of print!
However, I've always felt that its failure was not about
the strength of its content, but more about the quality of
the step-by-step images and cover shot ...

Above, was the cover I had wanted, which went perfectly
with the title page and description of its 'colourful' contents!

I remember all the hard effort and months of work I
put into the project ideas, hoping to pack it full of
varied styles and techniques to inspire as many different
people as I could, to have a flutter and fling at wire work!

Now, that's it's no longer in print, I am going to revisit it
and share each and every project with you (through this
blog) to bring it back to life with renewed vigour!

The very first project in the book is a quick, simple
make, which will be ideal after the long, lazy summer,
when you might need to re-boot your fingers and pliers!

The Squiggle ring can be simply achieved with one continuous
length of wire, just by bending irregular angles with your pliers.
Don't worry about symmetry, part of its charm is the irregularity
of its unique 'SQUIGGLE'!  You can use coloured,
plated, sterling silver or gold wire!


Cut approx. 14" (35cm) of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire.  To create the shank
of the ring: wrap one end tightly, (about three times) around a ring stick
(half a size smaller than required, as the wire tends to spring open


Remove from the ring stick and bend the end up at right angles to
the coils ...


Wrap the angled wire tightly around the coils, to secure them all
together. Squeeze the join with your flat nosed pliers to flatten.


Straighten out the projecting length of wire and begin by
forming a small tight spiral at the very end.


Place the tips of your chain nosed pliers near the small spiral
and begin to create an angled bend. Continue, to bend the wire
at random angles, stacking it behind the spiral. Increase the size of
each bend, as you get closer to the ring shank...


Once you reach the shank, fold the wires flat, so that they sit snugly
against it. Replace the ring onto the ring stick and once you have
re-adjusted the centre piece and are satisfied with the 'squiggle',
tap gently with a hammer to flatten and work harden.

Each one you make, will be unique!


(A) To make a 'Beaded Squiggle' Ring, follow steps 1 to 3.
Then, thread with your chosen bead (6mm is an ideal size).
Use your round nosed pliers to create a curl at the end of the
wire and push your bead near to the curl, pressing the end of
wire around the side of the bead with your pliers.

(B) Once the wire is hugging the side of the bead, proceed to
spiral the wire around it ...

(C) Then follow step 5 and create angular bends with the rest of
the wire, using your chain or flat nosed pliers, until you reach the
shank. Place the ring back onto your ring stick and flatten it over
the centre of the ring coils. Spend a little time re-adjusting the
overall shape, until you're satisfied with the aesthetics of the design.

Because they are 'instant gratification' makes, you can make one
for all your friends and family in no time at all!

Why not make them in coloured wire and secure flat-backed jewels to
the spiral centres with a dab of glue?

And if you don't like angles, create them with curves, using your
round nosed pliers!

See you next time ... with Project 2:  FRAMED BEAD for
Key ring, Pendant and Earrings!