Saturday, 24 March 2018


We've been told that Spring has sprung ...
(just after the snow!) and with Easter just
around the corner, I thought a nest of eggs
could be a possible theme ...

Not only that, it's a quick easy make and if 
you have young children, nieces, nephews or 
grandchildren, you could even get them involved!

For this, you will need: 3 'egg' beads (pearls
work well, but anything will do!), plus 0.4mm 
wire (26 or 28 gauge) and your usual pliers:
round, chain and flat nosed and your wire cutters.


Cut about 1 meter of wire and thread with the 3 'egg' beads.
Position the beads together on the wire, with about 2"(5cm)
projecting at one end.


Bring the beads tightly together and twist the wires
where they meet.


Use the tips of your round nosed pliers to create random kinks 
and crinkles on the longer projecting length.  (You only need to
do this about 8" (20cm) along to begin with).


Wrap the crinkly wire around the 3 beads, squeezing
and molding it with your fingers as you go. Take the
shorter projecting end and use this to 'stitch' around
the wires, to hold them in place.


Create more random crinkles and kinks in the
rest of the wire length ...

Bind the rest of the crinkly wire around the beads, 
building it up around sides. Use some of it to 'stitch'
around the nest to hold the framework together and
across the back of the nest.


If the back of the nest looks a bit bald, cut another length
of wire and weave across the back. 
Once you're satisfied with the overall appearance, attach
a jump ring into the the top of the nest, plus a small bail
link, to suspend off a cord or chain.

Alternatively, you can secure the nest onto a wire ring

Have fun making your own versions!

The nests can look great attached to the front of an Easter Card
and on the inside, you can make a chick design using this

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


I can't believe this year has already jumped to the month of March!
At least the weather is improving and there are lots of things to look
forward to ...

I will be back on CREATE and CRAFT TV for a monthly show,
sponsored by BEADS DIRECT.
(SKY 674 - FREEVIEW 23 - VIRGIN 748 - FREESAT 813)
You can watch online too! My first show, should go out on
Wednesday 21st March at 9am (UK time). I will keep you posted
on my Facebook page and on this blog, as I work through the
project themes and designs ...

But firstly, it's Mother's Day on Sunday and if you're struggling
to know what to make, here's an idea to inspire you:
TREE of LIFE Pendant Tutorial! This is such a classic, symbolic
design and can be put on a card, hung as a necklace, or suspended
as a handbag charm, or end of a bookmark ...

The 'Tree of Life' has such a long history, crossing many cultures.
The Celtic people, who had a very strong links to nature, had
spiritual and sacred connections to trees. It has become a symbol
of rebirth, fresh start in life, positive energy, good health and a bright
future! As a symbol, it means 'you are not an island', but are deeply
connected to the world around and dependent on it for your ability
to grow.
As a Mother's Day gift it works well, as it also has a connection to
family and ancestors. Symbolizing the generations of your family,
the continuity through ever expanding branches of parents, grand-
parents to our children and our children's children. With its roots
buried deep in the soil, acknowledging and accepting nourishment
from Mother Earth. To the leaves and branches extending to the
sky, accepting energy and growth from the Sun. To the scattering
of it's seeds, symbolizing rebirth and regrowth ...

So, with all that waffle aside, let's get making! There are many versions
of this design and this is my own, simplified, freestyle adaptation!

You will need 1mm wire for the circular frame, 0.4mm wire for the
tree and any small beads, crystals or semi-precious chips you have to
hand.  I chose my own Mother's birthstone colours (Green for her
August birthday) and you could do the same. (P.S. If you require a Birthstone 
Chart, just email me: and I will deliver).


Decide on the size of your circular frame, and find something
cylindrical to wrap your 1mm wire around. Cut from the spool
with the wires overlapping. (I used a 1.5"mandrel, but don't forget,
whatever you wrap around, the circle will end up a little larger, as the wire will
spring open as you remove it!).


Using the tips of your round nosed pliers, create a small
link at one end.


Twist the link, so that it sits at right angles to your circle,
and thread the opposite end through the link.

Using the tips of your chain nosed pliers, bend the wire
straight up from the link ...


Depending on how much wire is protruding, create a suspension
link with it, using your round nosed pliers, or bail making pliers at
the top of the circle.


To create the 'tree': cut about 16 lengths of 0.4mm wire. I cut
them at least 2" longer than my circular frame diameter and here
I have used 8 x gold and 8 x silver, but ANY colour will do!


Halve the thin wires in 2 different piles and using your fingers,
twist them together at the centre for about 1".


At one end of the central twisted stem, separate out, three
portions of the wires. (I don't bother with even portions, as I want my 
tree to look irregular and natural).


Using your round nosed pliers, create some curvy bends in
the central twisted stem.


Separate and twist some branches out, and thread with your chosen
beads, attaching and anchoring the wire around the top of the frame.
Cut off any excess wire. (I usually start in the middle and work out on each side, 
so as to centralize my tree within the framework space).


Keep twisting, shaping and threading beads on all your branches
anchoring the ends of the wires to the top outer edge of the frame.
Bring the opposite 'root' end wires down the centre and twist until
it reaches the bottom edge of the frame.


Wrap the twisted 'root' wires twice around the base of the
frame to secure the tree in place.


Wrap to secure and cut off many of the extending wires at the
base of the frame, leaving around 8, projecting out. (Neaten the 
ends, making sure that there are no spikes sticking out!).


Create small tight spirals with the extending wires, flattening them
over the base of the frame, hiding the cut wires beneath.


And there you have it! A Tree Pendant!

That's MY version, but you'll find much more inspiration and
different techniques online ... However, I do hope that this
project has sparked your inner creativity and you're eager to play!

to ALL the wonderful Mum's around the world!