Thursday, 21 July 2016


Over the many years that I have been teaching and
demonstrating wire and beaded jewellery, I have
come to appreciate how powerfully beneficial the act
of creativity is! I can personally put my 'hand on heart'
and say that it is my calming therapy and coping
mechanism, when 'life' feels turbulent and overwhelming!

I love running workshops and inspiring others with
their own creativity on one thing and another, from:

... making tiaras and wedding jewellery to:

using a Coiling Gizmo, plus twisting, plaiting and forging wire.

Plus, some metal stamping with punches!

As well as tin soldering ...

Ring making.

Wire writing.

All sorts of wonderfully creative wire fuelled workshops!

Just recently, I was asked to run some workshops at a Special Needs
school, which was quite a challenge but extremely rewarding! Working
with disadvantaged children means you have to work fast to keep
their attention and wire is the perfect medium, as you can demonstrate
and create pieces in minutes! (Just like a magic trick!).

In this hyper-turbulent, disposable, fast-track culture of flat pack
furniture, broken marriages, cross-country migration, sound-bytes and
tweets, video clips and fast food lifestyles, it is healthy to have a
sprinkling of CREATIVITY to allow self-expression to grow through
personal play and experimentation. The breakneck speed of life today
is incessant and pervasive, leading to a need for instant gratification in
the younger generation. Thereby, through teaching any form of creativity
(dance, drama, writing, not to mention wire jewellery making!), leads to
more reflective thought and analysis and appreciation of aesthetics,
all of which are important elements for personal evolution!

There is no doubt that the benefits of learning a creative skill (at
any age) can result in better: concentration - as it increases a focus
of attention. Hand skills can be improved by working with tools and
new materials. Discipline is helped with self-control, when practicing
and honing new techniques. Creativity also enhances imagination,
bringing innovative ideas into life. Independence of thought can be
nurtured through research and discovery of design. It improves intrinsic
motivation, by participation in something for personal pleasure, rather
than for external reward. It improves open mindedness, being more
flexible to new ideas, because in art and craft there are no boundaries,
strict rules or regulations! Problem solving is enhanced, by being
challenged to explore different solutions, as well as improved positivity
and self-worth, through having fun and escaping from reality. All of these
various characteristics and abilities lead to a better sense of purpose,
achievement, confidence, higher aspirations, self-respect and a deeper
sense of belonging and identity!

Now, I bet you had no idea that all that was possible through wire
jewellery!!! However, with the long summer holiday break ahead,
if you're a parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, big sister, cousin, etc..., etc...,
why not get the kids to have a play with wire? At 10 years old they have
the hand span to grip the pliers and manipulate the wires!

The place to start, when teaching wirework is with the humble spiral!


Once that technique is mastered you can move straight on to making
a bead cage and then you have got your students hooked!

They can make bracelets ...

Necklaces and earrings ...

Using different coloured wires and beads!

Handbag charms and key rings are also popular.

On cords as well as chains!

Just go round the bend and spiral away!
If you've never attempted a bead cage, just email me for a recipe
sheet at:
Also, information on my workshops in Kent in the United Kingdom
can be found on

with some CREATIVE FUN!

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Can you believe that we're already half way
through the year! The summer so far, in the
U.K., has been a tapestry of showers, hail storms
and cool winds with the odd of splash of sunshine!

Hopefully, this statement 'collar' necklace will
add some sparkle and a dash of colour to your
outfits! It's been designed to sit off centre, however,
if you prefer symmetrical to asymmetric designs,
please feel free to adapt as preferred.

All I have used for this piece is: 0.3mm/0.4mm plus
0.8mm and 1mm wires. A focal bead of about 1" diameter,
3 smaller beads and a piece of ready made chain.


Depending on the size of your focal bead (mine was about
1" - 2.5cm in diameter), cut approx. 12" of 1mm wire and
create a curve around the centre of the wire to echo the
side of your bead.


Bring both wires back towards each other, twisting one to
follow the curve of the other (as shown above).


Cut another length of 1mm wire, this time slightly shorter
(say about 9") if you want to create the asymmetric style
necklace. Repeat by making a second curved shaped.


Secure the ends together, to make each side of the frame
and then gently Whammer the wire frames (avoiding
the joins) on a steel block to work harden.


Next, cut at least 2-3metres of 0.3mm (or 0.4mm) of silver
plus a coloured wire, that matches your focal bead.
Scrunch lightly together, rolling the wires in the palms
of your hands to create a ball. If like me, you are creating
an asymmetric frame, make one ball slightly larger than the


Using your fingers, tease and spread each of the wire balls
out and shape to fit the inner part of your frames. Cut an
arm's length of 0.4mm silver wire and use this to 'stitch'
the scrunched wire into the space of the frame.


Once both frames are filled with the scrunched wire, gently
flatten and hammer with the nylon head of your Whammer
to compress and toughen.


Cut about 6" of 0.8mm wire and secure to the centre of the
curved side of one of the frames (leaving about a tail of 1"


Thread your bead onto the longer length and secure at the
centre of the second part of the frame. Create a tight spiral
with the tail ends and flatten down onto the frames on each


Thread the top ends of the frames with an additional bead of
your choice and using your round nosed pliers, create links
at each end.


Attach some ready made chain, or create your own out of
1mm wire, connecting a clasp to the desired length.

Have fun creating this design in different colours ...

or perhaps ... experiment with different shape frames!

 If you like this style of project, there are many more to inspire
you in my latest book: HAMMERED WIRE JEWELLERY
by Search Press!

As always ... the world of wire is your oyster bead!
Have fun scrunching the wire!
Love: Linda xxx