Monday, 3 January 2022

Happy New Year Crafting!

Welcome to the New Year! With new hope and positivity!

With Covid still taking centre stage, having raged 

around the world, plus the knowledge that it will remain

with us (albeit in a milder form) for years to come,

provides us with a clear understanding that we all

must take more responsibility for our own health and

wellbeing. Don't just wait to get sick ... prevent yourself

from getting run down and prone to disease and infection.

The beginning of the year is the best time to make that

personal resolution!

Self care includes good nutrition and a balanced diet, gentle
exercise, good sleep, fresh air, improving your environment as 
well as having a sense of purpose and within that list, I would
also add: CREATIVITY!
Medical studies have actually shown that creativity can reduce
anxiety, depression and stress and in the climate of fear that
has surrounded us all over the last couple of years, I personally
feel that it's such an important tool to help you manage negative
emotions in a productive way.  The process of making and
designing can help one mentally escape. Plus, help to express
feelings that could be too difficult to put into words.

When you're consumed and absorbed in something, that state 
is often described as being in the 'flow'. You lose all sense of
time, which helps with the decrease of anxiety and your mood
can really be boosted. Even your physical heart rate slows

It doesn't just have to be jewellery making or wire working,
but ALL creative motions like knitting, drawing, colouring in,
dancing, singing, writing, playing an instrument ... can all
help activate a state of flow. And all are tasks that create a
result. And when you succeed at creating a result, your brain
gets flooded with dopamine, or a hit of happiness!

Not only is creative crafting a wonderful way to boost your
wellbeing, but it's also highly beneficial for brain stimulation.
Keeping the old grey cells charged and wired! Mental creative 
engagement is often used to reduce depression and isolation, 
helping people to tap back into their personalities and sharpen 
their senses.

Did you know that the average person has about 60,000
thoughts a day? And a creative act such as crafting, can
help focus the mind away from a negative cycle of thoughts.
It has been compared to having the same power as 
meditation, due to its calming effects on the brain and
body.  And it's not just crafting, because other activities
such as gardening, cooking or sewing also help release
dopamine, which is known to be a natural antidepressant.

So, on that very positive note, remember to add CREATIVITY
to your list of positive New Year resolutions for 2022!
It's a natural, non-medicinal way to stimulate your inner

With Best Wishes for a better year with lots 
and lots of happy crafting days ahead!