Wednesday, 13 October 2021



This FRIDAY 15th October at 6pm, 

I will be doing a 'Live' Tutorial with 


I have been collaborating on a project

with them, using some beautiful Selenite 

shaped stone bases which they will have

for sale, ready to purchase online, on

Friday ... so DO JOIN US for this event!

I had no previous knowledge of Selenite,

but having worked with it on this project, I

have fallen in love with its pearly lustre!

It's like a white cloud, but in hard form. 

Chalmers Gems also supply a USB light

for the bases to sit on, which shows off the

translucency and crystal formation within each

individual stone.

If you're crystal healer, I'm sure you'll

be aware that it promotes, peace and calm,

clears blocked energy and is the perfect

stone to gift to a loved one (or keep in your


The design challenge I had, was to come up

with a gift idea using the base stone shapes.

They were too big and heavy for jewellery, 

plus I didn't want to place something on top of them, 

such as a tea-light, as I worried about damaging 

the surface of the stone. However,  in the end,

after a lot of brain scratching, I came up with this 

Card or Photo Holder which makes the ideal gift 

for an office (holder for business cards, to-do lists 

or even a typed slogan affirmation). Alternatively, you 

could use it to hold a special greeting or invitation card. 

But primarily, it's perfect for a photo of a loved one, 

old or young!

Chalmers Gems are known for their value and

quality, so do watch the tutorial on Friday in order

that you can also make your own version for your

Christmas and all special occasion gifts this year! 

As they will have these beautiful Selenite bases, 

plus a range of beautiful semi-precious chip beads 

on sale for you to purchase. 

Then all you will need is your wire working

tools and some 0.4mm and 1.6mm aluminium wire 

to create the structure of the stands.

Here are the ideas I will share with you in my

live tutorial on Friday:

This stand has some 2mm sparkling faceted Garnets

and 2mm white Howlite, with clear round crystals

in between.

A photo can be slotted in between the spiral and

the Selenite Star is not just for Christmas!

Above, I have used Apatite chips with some Howlite

beads to create cluster rays.

If you sell your jewellery, this works well for

your business card holder. And for an office, 

you can place several cards within the spiral

to keep your contacts in view!

Here 'I went to town' with a flower theme idea,

using red Garnet, with the leaves created out

of 2mm faceted Chrome Diopside beads. 

It's perfect for as a large card holder, but when

not in use, you can just enjoy the flower decoration!

Above, I have used Chrysoprase gem chip beads

together with some 2mm multi- coloured

Moonstone beads. Again, it works well with

any of the shaped Selenite bases ...

... but could also hold a Birthday, Wedding

invitation or Christmas card!

So please do join me with CHALMERS GEMS

for this live event, this coming Friday at 6pm

to obtain the materials needed and be shown

how to create these wonderful card holders!

And here's a TUTORIAL to show you how!