Friday, 17 September 2021

MASK Tutorial

Masks have had a place in our cultural 

history and heritage since ancient times, 

specifically in Africa. They were used in ritual 

ceremonies to communicate to ancestral spirits. 

And down the ages, they have also been used in 

entertainment, as well as practical purposes for 

protection. As we well know today, with the 

Covid health crisis!

So I thought I would design a MASK pendant, which you could adapt and change as you wish, by adding your own details and components.  

Not only is this apt as a talismanic protection piece, but I think it would also work well as a Halloween decoration, which is approaching  next month!

STEP 1 (The Frame)

Depending on the size of pendant you wish to 

create, cut a piece of wire (0.8mm/1mm gauge). 

Fold in half and shape like a fish!


Once you have established the shape and size, 

straighten one of the extending wires and cut the 

other end, leaving just enough to form a link to secure 

around the top of the frame stem.

STEP 3 (Eyes and Nose)

To create the nose and eyes, cut a length of 

0.8mm wire (my pendant is about 7cm x 3cm 

and I used about 15cm). Hold the centre of the 

length in your flat nosed pliers and bend the 

wires up on each side, keeping them straight 

and parallel. Trim the very ends to the 

same length.


The length of the 'nose' is your choice, it can be 

long, short, fat or thin! Bend each of the extending 

wiresout on each side to form the eyes.


Bend each of the extending wires back in towards 

each other, trying to keep each side as symmetrical

as possible.


Place the tips of your round nosed wires at the 

very end of each of the wires and curl them 

around to form tight spirals, creating the 'eyes' 

on each side.

STEP 7 (The Mouth)

Measure fold and shape a length of 0.8mm wire 

in half to form the 'mouth' of your mask. Leave 

just enough wire to bend and secure around the edge 

of the frame.


Cut a length of 0.4mm wire (long enough to bind 

and stretch across the frame) and use one end to 

bind the 'mouth' unit to the other side of the frame.

STEP 9 (Wiring in Nose & Eyes)

Cut more lengths of 0.4mm wire and secure 

the nose/eye unit in place within the frame, 

plus secure the base of the 'nose' to the centre 

top of the mouth (leaving wires projecting out 

on each side).

STEP 10 (Nostrils)

Curl tight spirals with the projecting wires and 

flatten on each side of the nose, to create the 


STEP 11 (Teeth)

Use the remaining 0.4mm wire leftover from 

the 'mouth' binding, to thread with seed beads 

and secure around the opposite side of the frame. 

STEP 12 (Optional decoration)

This is where you can let your creative juices 

flow! But, here are some of my suggestions! 

Why not wire in more seed beads to add extra 

colour? Or, perhaps ... add a couple of larger 

beads, or semi-precious chips within the frame? 

Or, create some wire shaped motifs to 

fill in any gaps? 

The options are, as always endless!

Et voila!  Above, is my finished masked pendant! 

I think it has a Japanese Samurai flavour. 

However, many variations are possible using 

this basic technique.

I hope that you will be inspired to have a go at 

making your own, and if so, please DO share on  

my FACEBOOK page, I would love to see your



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