Wednesday 17 August 2022


I've always been a creative soul and fiddled with many crafts 

over the years, but wire work has definitely been the one that 

has sustained my interest and constantly fuelled my creativity!

Perhaps it's because it provides me with instant gratification,

with jewellery pieces being made in minutes instead of hours!

And in the tempo of the era that we live in, I believe it's a 

wonderful form of non-objective self-expression.

What is Wire Jewellery? Well, it's essentially what it says

'on the tin'. Jewellery made out of wire with beads and

gemstones, however the singular difference between this 

and the craft of traditional jewellery making, is that it's all 

'cold connection'. This means that no soldering, or heat is used!

This makes it such an affordable hobby to embark on, as 

your tool outlay is minimal, plus you can work at a kitchen 

table, or on a lap tray, without having to have a designated

workshop space.

It's a craft open to anybody at any age ... so long as they can

hold a pair of pliers and have good enough eyesight, with or

without glasses! I run workshop sessions for all ages from

10 to 100 years and my criteria to begin is: "can you tie your

own shoelaces?". If so, you'll most probably have the dexterity

to give it a go!

The beauty of wire as a material is its versatility. My analogy is, 

if you can doodle a line on a piece of paper, you can doodle the

same shape with wire. But don't feel you have to be a good

draughts person, because you can find shapes and outlines to

trace and they're all downloadable on the internet! 

With wire, you can create 3 dimensional structures, shapes and 

motifs, you can create letters, words and numbers. You can plait 

it, coil it, twist it, weave with it, knit it, crochet with it, wrap with it, 

hammer it ... ! You name it! Wire is your proverbial oyster!

Wire can be purchased in all types of metals such as aluminium,

copper, brass, plated in silver and gold and every rainbow colour,

as well as precious gold and sterling silver. 

The appeal of learning the craft, is that once you have a few simple

techniques under your belt, you can let your imagination flow to

create endless variations using different gauges and colours, 

incorporating a variety of beads, gemstones, shells, sea-glass and

any found object that appeals to the maker!


So with all that in your tool belt, I have created and will continue to

create, a series of tutorials for my YouTube Channel which will 

hopefully inspire anyone starting out, as well as sparking new inspiration

and creativity in existing makers. It's my way of sharing my ideas and

my knowledge. 

Wire has given me my self-expression and I've come to realise it's 

also my inner therapy. The way that I can escape from the hum drum 

and difficult obstacles that come along with life!

In the moment that I'm designing, picking beads, curling shapes

and creating pieces, I am completely absorbed! And in this fast pace,

media-negative world that we currently inhabit, a little escape is

a healthy counterbalance and should be considered as important

as medicine for your mental health and overall wellbeing!

So do hop over to my Channel: Linda Jones Wire Jewellery 

for some wire therapy and spread the love of wire to as many 

people as you can! 


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for you.



  1. Love reading your blog posts, Linda. Your tutorials are great, too. Thanks so much for all the ideas and inspiration you give us.

  2. Thank you for your very kind words, Sharon! I sometimes wonder if anyone is out there, so it's really great to get your feedback! X

    1. Yes, "we're out here" but after enjoying your blog and photos, I didn't think I had anything else to add. But now I CAN add a great big 'GRANDE ABRAZO" and thank you for adding to the creativity, beauty and inspiration of the world. We need all that we can get! <3

  3. You wrote: " I run workshop sessions for all ages from 10 to 100 years and my criteria to begin is: "can you tie your own shoelaces?" If so, you'll most probably have the dexterity to give it a go!"

    LOL - I needed that and gracias, amiga! :)