Sunday, 30 January 2011

The WireWorkers Guild

The month of
is associated with
and for jewellers,
chocolatiers and card
makers alike, it is a
commercial opportunity
to create H E A R T
shaped designs or
similar gifts...

It is customary, that on the
14th February people declare
their love for each other, but as
the old adage goes: you must first
learn to love and value yourself
with all the flaws - so that you can
love others so much better.

Therefore, get out your tools, wire and beads
to start making some heart shaped motifs for
yourself, friends and family.
Wire hearts look great on cards, as accessories and of course ...

Below is a Gallery of designs that I
have created in the past, that might
be inspirational to get you started ...

(Metal Bead Necklace - by L.Jones - Supplier:

(Copper Wire Heart Earrings by L.Jones
from "Creating Beaded & Wire Earrings" book)

(Lover's Knot Bracelet by L.Jones from 'Bead & Wire
Jewellery for Special Occasions book)

("Chained Reaction" Necklace project by L.Jones from "Making Beautiful
Bead Wire Jewellery" book)

("Cupid's Love Chain" project by L.Jones from "Bead & Wire Jewellery
for Special Occasions")

("Gothic Ribbon" Necklace made with beads supplied by, created by L.Jones)

(Dichroic Glass Heart pendant fused by Irene Hammond.
Jewellery created by L.Jones)

("Valentine Hearts" project by L.Jones from "Creating Wire &
Beaded Jewellery" book

("Vintage Valentine" project by L.Jones. Designed for Make Jewellery
Magazine (Jan./Feb. issue 2011)

("Sweetheart Necklace" project by L.Jones from 'Bead & Wire
Jewellery for Special Occasions' book + heart earrings project
in new Earrings Project book)

("Love Eternal" Pendant project by L.Jones from "Bead
& Wire Jewellery for Special Occasions")

("Shamrock" Hairgrips by L.Jones from "Wire & Bead Celtic Jewellery" book)

(Large Beaded Heart by L.Jones used for a wedding cake decoration)

("Lucky Heart" Key ring by L.Jones)

("Have a Heart" Necklace by L.Jones)

("Not Another Heart Key Ring"!! by L.Jones)

("Valentine Kilt Pin" by L.Jones)

On the 14th February 2011, the instructions on how
to create this Kilt Pin finding will be shown on

If you are a beginner, I will also be giving some simple
instructions on how to create a simple beaded heart ...
So, stay tuned ...

which will be announced very soon...


  1. So many lovely hearts. Just need more time to try out some of these lovely patterns and techniques. :O)

  2. These are so lovely and wonderful.
    My inspiration to make this kind of jewelry started when I bought one of your books :).
    Thank you so much :)!

  3. Thank you Jaana - I'm so glad you're inspired! I'm sure you'll agree, that like all creative pursuits, it's so self-satisfying to create your own pieces from scratch and it's wonderful to be able to share my passion of twiddling bits of wire with you and all the Guild members! :0)

  4. Some great ideas, look forward to details of your next challenge. (One of my new year's resolutions was to take part).

  5. Brilliant, Charters! I will be announcing it all in next week's newsblog ...

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