Friday, 7 January 2011

The WireWorkers Guild 2011






I do hope you all enjoyed a
warm and wonderful Christmas
and are eager to experience
new creative ventures this year!

Georgie from
(see last post) has very kindly
given all WWGuild members an
which will end on
January 31st 2011 ...
so be quick to get in on this:

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But now, for a special project - something
for the New Year - when we think
of 'turning over a new leaf' or 'having a
fresh start' ... This HandBag Charm makes
the perfect talisman and can be attached
to whatever takes your fancy (bag, necklace
chain, window blind, pencil case ...!).

I've packed this design full of symbolism:
LEAF - representing growth, new beginning.
EYE - representing 'all-seeing', protective,
awareness and open mindedness.
FEATHER - representing a Guardian Angel
looking over.
ROSE QUARTZ - is the 'stone' representing

Ancient Jewellery designs were always packed
with symbolism to protect the wearer, as
well as being decorative and aesthetic ... so let's inject a
little more depth of meaning into our designs
through shape, colour and semi-precious
crystals and stones.
Create your own vocabulary and hidden
meanings in your designs and make jewellery
poetic and descriptive!

To make my Handbag Charm, you will need
0.8mm (or 1mm) silver-plated wire, 0.4mm
silver-plated binding wire, some beads of your
choice, a feather or two, a 'lobster' clasp, about
9-10 rose quartz chips, approx. 4" of chain and
some Superglue. As for tools, have ready: round,
flat and chain nosed pliers, wire cutters,
hammer and a steel stake.

1. Cut about 6" of o.8mm (or 1mm)
wire and bring one end around to
the other to secure. Wrap it around
the stem to form a loop.

the tip
of the
loop, to
create a

2. Use your fingers and spend a
little time shaping the wire to
make a 'leaf' outline. (If you want
you can hammer the outline on
a steel stake now, or wait until
step 6).

3. Cut some 0.8mm wire - or
1mm if using - (about 2" longer
than the length of your leaf) and
bind one end around the top of the leaf.

4. Secure the other end within
the tip of the leaf shape, cutting
off any projecting wire and neatening
the end.

Curl the
wire at the
top of the
leaf into
a small

5. Curl this spiral in towards the top of
the leaf and flatten against the wrapped
wires behind.

6. Hammer the outer framework
of the leaf, avoiding any wrapped
over wires - and fingers!!
(This is an optional step - however,
it will create a stronger framework).

Cut some
wire -
about 2"
than the
of your

7. Wrap one end around the top of
of the leaf - underneath or behind
the spiral and pull the rest of the wire
vertically down.

8. Thread the 0.4mm wire with
beads of your choice and secure
the end within the tip of the leaf
by wrapping over the other binding,
once or twice. Cut off any excess
and neaten the end.

Thread a
bead onto
the top
wire ...

9. Using your round nosed pliers,
curl a link above the threaded bead,
ready for suspension.

10. Depending on what feathers you're using,
you might need to pull a few of the top feathery
bits off to create a longer central top stem.
Use the very tips of your round nosed pliers
to create very small coils and cut from the
spool leaving about 0.5" extending. Curl this
extending end into a link, that sits at right
angles to the coil.

11. Push the top of the feathers into the coils and squeeze,
or 'crimp' the last ring of each coil to secure around the
feather stem. Add a little dab of Superglue as well, to
ensure that the feathers can't fly off again ...


The frame
is made
very much
like the

12. Cut approximately 4" of 0.8mm
(or 1mm) silver-plated wire. Wrap
one end around the other, creating
a long loop.

13. As in STEP 2 of the 'leaf', squeeze
the end of the loop together to create a
narrow channel. Hammer the outer frame
on a steel stake (avoiding any wrapped over wires).
Now, cut a length of 0.4mm wire and secure it
as shown - at the horizontal centre of your frame.

14. Thread some beads onto the 0.4mm wire and
secure by wrapping on the opposite side of the frame.
Cut off any excess and neaten the ends.

Thread the
wire with
a chosen
bead ...

15. Create a wrapped loop to secure
the bead onto the end of the frame,
ready for suspension.

16. Now for some 'love' sprinkles:
in the form of Rose Quartz chip beads.
Thread about 9-10 chips onto a
6" length of 0.4mm wire.

17. Bring the ends of the wire together
and pinch tightly under the threaded
chips and TWIST both wires together
to create a twisted stem. Create a wrapped
link using your round nosed pliers.
Cut off any excess wire and neaten the ends.

18. Now you're ready to bring all the ingredients of
your charm together. Cut approximately 4" of chain
and attach the LEAF, the EYE, the FEATHERS and
the FLOWER of LOVE at varying intervasl onto the
chain with jump rings.
Finally, connect a clasp at the top end, ready for
suspending from your handbag ... of wherever you
wish to hang it!


LEAVES have always been a favourite shape of mine
and here are some other designs to keep you inspired:


NOT ...

... try a colour variation ... be more and think more
G R E E N this year.

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