Wednesday, 17 October 2018


With blustery autumn winds blowing the fallen
leaves around, it's just the right time to wrap up
with a scarf! This scarf slide is designed for a
decorative, textile scarf (not a thick woolen one!)
and is a practical solution to holding it in place, as
well as accessorising an outfit! You could also use
it as a belt buckle, or to secure a beach sarong!

You can create it using 1mm copper plated wire, however in
the version I am about to demonstrate, I have used 2mm
aluminium wire.


Wrap about 16" to 20" of 2mm aluminium wire around a circular
mandrel in a figure of '8'. The size of the circles will obviously
depend on the thickness of the scarf you wish to use it with.


Remove the wire unit from the mandrel and bind together
at the centre, using 0.6mm wire. Cut off the ends of the
binding wire and 'squish' down with your flat nosed pliers.


Place on a steel block and hammer the outer edges of the circles
to work harden and flatten. However, do not hammer the projecting
wires on each side!


Spiral the projecting wires in towards the centre and flatten one
on one side and the other, on the opposite side (hiding the binding
underneath). Tap each spiral with the hammer to flatten and work
harden at the centre of the unit.

STEP 5 - Variation

If desired you can 'glue' a flat backed crystal to the spiral, adding extra
decoration and colour to your scarf slide.

This works well if you are matching it with a scarf and giving it
as a gift!

This Scarf Slide can be worn either way.
*  Place the centre of the scarf at the back of your neck
with both sides hanging down on each side in the front.
* Thread both ends of your scarf down through the top
circle, under the spiral and back through the bottom circle.
* Slide the scarf rings up to the desired position and the
'buckle' will hold the scarf neatly together.


Once you've had fun making one, you might want to try
another shape! This one, just requires you to wrap the centre
of your wire around the mandrel, bringing the ends together ...

Wrap one wire around the other to secure and cut off the excess.
Straighten the projecting stem out.

Curl and spiral the projecting stem wire and flatten it over the
wrapped wire at the tip of the frame.

Place the piece on your steel block and hammer the edges of the
frame to temper and flatten.

Cut another length of 2mm aluminium wire (long enough to span
across the central space of the frame, with approx. 2.5" extending
over each side). Bind to secure around the edges of the frame.

You can choose to cut off the excess wire on each side of the frame,
or add extra decoration (as above) by spiraling and flattening it on each
side.  For extra colour, you can attach a flat back crystal to the tip!

And here it is in action, on a scarf!


For my trio of scarf slides, here's a circular one ...

Attach one end of the wire to the side of the circular frame ...

Create a swirly spiral with the projecting end.
Hammer the outer frame to work harden.

Cut another wire to form the cross-bar of the buckle.
Wrap to secure at the centre, on each side of the frame.
Cut off the excess wire and neaten the ends.

Now it's ready for use! And if you want it to match a scarf,  as before,
just attach a 'stone' to the spiral!

TA DAaaaaaaaa!!!

So there's my trio of Scarf Slides, which I hope will inspire you
to create your own!

Next time ... I look forward to reproducing a decorative
BUBBLE chain design ...