Thursday, 3 February 2011

The WireWorkers Guild

Are you sitting

There are just

things that I
wanted to

: Designer Challenge Competition
open to all WWGuild members

TWO: Recommendation of a fantastic
eco-friendly packaging company,

THREE: A Valentine Card project, that's
fun and quick to make!




R U L E S:
(A) You MUST be a member of the Guild to
apply ... just enroll for free, if you're not already!
(B) Design and create a piece of wire art -
be it jewellery, an accessory or sculpture, using
the title "SPRING IS SPRUNG"
as best befits your creation.
(D) Send 2 JPEG images of your piece by
email to:
by March 31st 2011 with a description of
what inspired you and the materials and
techniques used.

There are NO winners, but all entries will
be published in a Gallery of work on
The WireWorkers Guild blog in early
April and you can 'plug' and promote
your suppliers and websites with your

It's a great personal challenge, so I do hope
you'll all consider giving it a bash! Beginners,
intermediates and advanced wireworkers alike!

And now for my second announcement:
I just have to let you know how pleased I was with the
recent packaging products and service I received from:

You might have heard of the name, when in 2008 they
appeared on the television show: 'The Dragon's Den'
and got financial backing from two of the
millionaire dragons: Peter Jones and Theo.

The heart shaped tin box at £1.20 is my favourite and
so apt for this time of year. I also found yellow swirl
patterned tissue paper at a bargain price and some
wonderfully sturdy boxes for pendants and bangles ...

Take look at:

They also won the 'Small Business Recycler' award
last year. Their
products are all ECO-FRIENDLY
and there is a huge
range of gift, jewellery and
presentation boxes to
choose from, as well as carrier
bags, ribbons and bows ...

Not only are there products totally recycled, but they
are also full recyclable!


Feel free to change and alter this to suit the materials
you have at home ...

Materials I used: 0.8mm silver-plated wire, pencil
(or similar cylindrical mandrel), 4 x 6mm bicone crystals,
2 bugle beads, 1 x 4mm bead, red ribbon, backing card or
paper, blank greetings card, double sided tape.
Tools: Round, flat and chain nosed pliers.

1. Cut approx. 7" (17cms) of 0.8mm wire. Find
the centre and wrap this around your round nosed
pliers to form a central loop.

2. To create the heart frame: place a pencil - or similar
cylindrical mandrel on each side of the central loop and
bend each wire back down until they cross over each other.

3. Begin threading each projecting wire with one
of your 6mm bicone crystals. (If you use small
seed beads, you can thread the entire frame).

4. Once the beads are threaded onto the frame,
secure one wire around the other. Now thread
the 'working wire' with a small 4mm bead.

5. Using your round nosed pliers, create
a curved end to your 'working' wire and push
the 4mm bead into the curve.

6. Begin wrapping the outer perimeter of the
4mm bead with the wire, framing it as close and
completely as possible. Using your flat nosed
pliers, hold the edge of the wire and continue
spiralling it in towards the base of the heart frame.

7. Once the bead is spiralled up to the base of
the heart frame, flatten it at the centre.
Using your flat or chain nosed pliers, twist the
loop at the centre of the heart frame 90
degrees. (This is totally optional. Alternatively,
you can suspend a bead from this point).

8. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it at the centre. Cut
the sides to fashion and push the projecting wire
through the central knot of your ribbon.

9. To secure to a card, pierce a hole
in a piece of card and push the projecting
wire through. Bend the wire back and tape
at the back of the card. Secure this card
with double sided tape to a blank greetings
card and embellish as desired ... !!


  1. Thanks once again Linda for yet another dose of inspiration with this project ...and the Spring is Sprung Challenge. The fingers are itching to get busy with this ...and for Spring to arrive!

  2. Thanks, Sky Pixie! Can't wait for a bit of milder weather too ... and I do hope there will be more entries for this designer's challenge - it's great to see different interpretations of one theme!!

  3. Hello Linda. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now, since it was mentioned in Make Jewellery magazine :)

    Thank you for that link to Tiny Box Company :) I am currently selling my jewellery in silk purses but I am looking for environmentally friendly ideas for when the purses run out so this is of interest to me :).