Monday, 5 April 2010

The WireWorkers Guild


it feels
like the
is slowly

With pockets
of sunshine,
rain (as always)
and spring
emerging ...

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing Easter break and feel ready
to create designs in brighter colours and bolder themes as the
weather begins to change ...

The little flower pin brooches (above)
are fun to create with coloured wires and can be pinned
onto jackets, hats & berets or even created as table
decorations, wired onto napkin rings, secured onto to
greetings cards ... need I go on? Full step-by-step
instructions can be found in ...

'Bead & Wire Jewellery for Special Occasions'

by Linda Jones
(which can be
purchased on


You can oxidise (or antique) Sterling Silver wire with Liver of Sulphur.
Anyone who's ever done this will know what a smelly process it is, but well worth it once it's been buffed up with either a very fine sanding paper or fine wire wool.

This image on the right shows a
simple 'S' link bracelet that has
been painted with Liver of Sulphur
and then buffed up, leaving the
more recessed areas dark, whilst
the top surfaces regain their lighter

The image on the
left shows a similar untreated bracelet to
illustrate the contrast. If you're interested in having a go, liquid Liver of Sulphur can be obtained from
(Product Code: 998 161).
It's a chemical solution, so use it SAFELY, follow all instructions and keep well away from children and pets.

***I don't endorse this ... but I've also heard ... that you can use black permanent marker pens on silver wire (try this on silver-plated) to get this antique/oxidised effect ... shhhh ... !!

Most metal patination is done with chemicals, however you can create coloured effects using paints. If any of you own my first book:
'Creating Wire & Beaded Jewellery', you will have seen
this verdigris effect which I did on copper wire pieces.

The verdigris effect was created by stippling 2 different hues of green paint with a hard paint brush onto the ready made wire pieces. First you cover the entire surface (on both sides) with the darker green paint, lifting any heavily painted areas off by dabbing gently with kitchen paper. Then, when the dark green background is dry, stipple another layer of lighter green paint and do the same - lift off any paint with kitchen paper ... until you are satisfied with the overall surface effect.

When the jewellery is completely dry and coated on both sides, finish by spraying the entire surface with a clear, matt varnish to fix the paint and prevent it from flaking off. The best way to do this is to create a little makeshift cubicle in an old shoe box and suspend the piece from wires within the box. Also make sure the room is well ventilated when you're doing this. You can buy clear spray lacquer from hobby shops or 'Halfords' (car varnish!)


Quite a few of you asked for the instructions for Ear Wires in the last wirey blog ... so I thought you might be interested in this bead 'bauble' or pom-pom design to use them with! This is also great for a pendant necklace, worn on a cord, ribbon or chain.

If enough you of you are interested in knowing how to create these ... let me know and I shall put together some instructions. Obviously, these will only be available to signed in bonafide Guild followers.


  1. Those flower pin brooches are lovely Linda!
    I've never heard of using black marker pen as an alternative to oxidising but I suppose it would work thinking about it....and be a lot less smelly!
    Tracy x

  2. Hi Tracy - I haven't yet experimented with marker pens as it goes against the grain of trying to do things properly ... but one of my pupils -Sky Pixie- (or Sally as I know her!) says it works very effectively, as it dries almost immediately and you haven't got that awful rotten eggs smell hanging around!!

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