Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The WireWorkers Guild

Tracy Smith's "Silver Groove" Earrings

@@@!!HAPPY EASTER!!@@@

To all Guild members ...
have an egg-cellent time
and don't spend all your
money on chocolate ...
BEADS are far more slimming
and definitely healthier!! ...
although, I DO like the idea
of chocolate beads ... yum!

~T r a c y S m i t h~
... our very recent
ShowcaseWire Artist (see her
beautiful forged silver earrings
in the image above) has
'interviewed' me in return for
her recent feature (see Blog
below for more details)
... so please feel free to have a look
and discover a few extra details
about your very own
Guild Editor
Linda Jones
check out:

Anyone living in the South East will already know that there are
going to be 2 Big Bead Shows at Sandown Park, Esher in
Surrey this year ...

There was a whisper (from Lorraine) that anyone purchasing this month's
BEAD MAGAZINE could be entitled to 2 free tickets to the first show on
SATURDAY 17th APRIL ... it might be worth checking that out!

If any of you can make it - why not meet up at the entrance to the
cafe/restaurant at 12pm - wearing a WW GUILD badge to
introduce yourself? I will make every effort to be there myself, so I
to meet a few of you ...


As some of you will already know, I am a regular project contributor to "Make Jewellery" magazine and this 'Torque' necklace and earrings set (see above) are this month's featured project (Issue 13). I had originally designed something much simpler, but when the Editor said we need 'Glitz & Glamour' as a theme ... I re-worked my original 'Peas-in-Pod' torque neck-piece with as much bling as I could muster ...
I hope this style of necklace - a single ring of wire with a opening at the front - will inspire some of you to create your own variations!!


I have recently been asked to give advice about creating handmade ear-wires and I can email an Instruction Sheet for 6 different variations.

If you wish to receive this project sheet, please email:
With a Subject Heading: EAR-WIRES.
(*This is only available to 'follower' members registered on this Guild Blogspot.*)

If you have a background in metalwork and have soldering equipment to hand, it is possible to cut a length of 0.8mm or 0.9mm Sterling Silver wire and heat the end of the wire with your soldering flame, until it 'balls' up into a melted 'blob' to enable you to use this as an end to your fish-hook style ear-wire ... however, for the rest, who are devoid of a blow-torch, you will
see some examples in this image
on the right:

from a Beaded-,
a Safety-,
a Bead Set-
and a Spiral-
Fish Hook ...
and there are a couple more examples in my instruction sheet.

You should always use precious wire for creating your ear wires (Sterling Silver or Gold) however, for fun, costume jewellery, you can CUSTOMISE a ready-made ear-wire by unravelling the end link - straightening out the wire - pulling off the silver bead - and re-threading with a bead of your choice to match the beads of the earring!!


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