Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I hope you're sitting comfortably?  If not - 
get yourself a cushion and a hot beverage, 
or a tall, coooool drink and feast your eyes 
on the beautiful and eclectic contributions
of wirework artists from various parts of the 
globe, all united in the LOVE of wirework for:


In no particular order, my I introduce a wire jeweller,
cake maker and all round creative lady from Kent, in
the U.K. ...


Colourful Cake Decoration or Table Centre piece by Carole

'Spring Green' Bracelet

Red and Silver Lapel Pin Brooch by Carole.

Next in the showcase, (and all the way from Canada) is:



Wire butterfly, created by Christine Gainard.  She began beading
7 years ago and 2 years later bought one of my wirework books
... which is when her wire journey began! She says that making
jewelry is a stress reliever but most important, it's the opportunity
to do something special for the people she most cares for in her life.

The next artist in this showcase is:


... keep feasting your eyes ...

Dottie Logan not only creates beautiful wirework jewellery but
also works in metal clay using semi-precious stones and
quality glasswork.  She says that her aim is to "capture ideas
and translate them into jewellery designs." She has been featured
in 'So Sensational' an online publication, Magnatuitum and has
advertised in Vogue! 

You can discover more about Dottie Logan on
her website:

Now, we move on, to the wonderful wire crochet
work of:


Gosia, says that she make her jewellery in response to her passion
and interest in craft and tradition.  She likes combining the beauty
of tradition with contemporary and culture.  Her favourite material
to work with is silver wire.

She also likes experimenting and connecting silver to other
materials such as felt - to add a softer touch, or perspex, to
add a little colour ... as well as beads and stones.  You can
keep in touch with Gosia's latest creations through her

Next in the Gallery is:


Jaana is from Helsinki in Finland.  She started wirewrapping
almost 3 years ago and kindly says that one of my books
was her initial inspiration! She especially loves working
with wire and gemstones and has a jewellery BLOG
and a FACEBOOK page. 

Now, pinch your nose and duck down! We're travelling 
'down under' ... all the way to Australia to showcase 
the work of:



Janice has been dabbling with jewellery making for a while and guess
what?  It was after finding a wirework book by 'Moi' in her local Brisbane
library that her pilot light was truly ignited! 

Janice, also travelled back to the UK to see family for her 40th birthday and came 
for a one-to-one workshop at my studios and since then, she says that she 
spends most evenings fiddling with wire!

Janice sells her jewels at a monthly market and also has a 
business FACEBOOK page.

From Australia, we're re-surfacing and 
moving to France to see the work of:

JILL from 

Jill made this necklace for her friend's daughter's 13th
birthday.  Her name is Lucy - hence the reason for the
'L' at the bottom.

Jill is relatively new to wireworking, she came to it after a complete change of
lifestyle and career.  A move to France from the UK with her partner has given
her the opportunity to unleash her creative side ... and as you can see - she's
loving it!

She has done a couple of workshops with me and the rest she has learnt
from the internet as well as books and magazines.  She has a stall at the 
local market and also is exhibiting at a local arts festival.  You can see more
of her work on her WEBSITE .

Travelling back over the water to the U.K. 
in Northumberland, is the work of artist:



Loraine has her own small local craft shop in the village. She makes
tiaras, fascinators and many other handcrafted accessories.

Loraine says she is still very much a novice at discovering the versatily of
working with wire and beads, but she loves the freedom you can get from
manipulating and generally 'playing' with wire!  She says she never quite
knows what she is going to make when she gets her tools out ... and sometimes 
it can be a complete tangled mess, but on the occasion ... it's good
enough to be able to sell in her shop!

Now, moving from one Lorraine to another ... here's
warmly welcoming:



Lorraine says that this 'Heart' pendant is her first attempt at
creating and designing from scratch - a personal and unique piece,
rather than following a project book tutorial.  Her Gran passed
away many years ago, but her aunt bought her Gran's house and kept quite a few of the original fixtures 
and furnishings and when she went over to visit this Easter, 
she was drawn to a pattern on one of the curtains.  This pattern evoked strong memories of her 
childhood with her grandmother, so she sketched the rough outline and went
home and created this unique design based roughly, but inspired by, the 
original pattern on the curtains and the memories that this triggered!

Now, strap yourself in for a long haul flight, 
to see the happy sun-soaked wirework of:


Mariela is from Manila in the Philippines.  She is a full time Mum of 4 and comes
from a very creative and craft loving family.  She's been making jewellery for 
about 5 years and now has started to run her own local wire and beaded workshops!


Her husband, Jonvic, also loves to craft (and often helps drill holes into the
beads and recommends how to patina certain metals, etc...)

As you can see, Mariela, is a colourist and loves making pieces with a theme -
such as butterflies, dragonflies, trees, religious/saints, etc... and lately she's been
into making recycled jewellery or rather, up-cycling - designing pieces with her
own handmade paper beads.


Mariela helps out at her parish church's social service ministry, tutoring
the creation of rosaries and similar religious trinkets out of paper beads using old
magazines.  These eco-friendly rosaries are not just a tool for prayer, but also
give a little additional income to the makers (from depressed areas).  In this way,
she feels that her crafting skills are put to good use and for a higher purpose!
As she herself says: "Indeed, there is much satisfaction and joy in making
jewelry that can help others."

From a Mariela to Maryellen ... introducing the 
handcrafted wirework of:


Maryellen has contributed a picture of one of the first pieces she ever made out
of Sterling Silver, her 'Tree of Life' pendant and earrings.  This was commissioned
for a friend's daughter's birthday.

She only started making jewelry last summer (August 2012) as a means to keep
her evenings busy. She works full time as a secretary at a local university and her
husband works nights, so she is a alone a lot and found that making jewelry has 
filled a creative void  - like most of us, she has become addicted!  Her kids call her
'the crazy bead lady'! She recently tore ligaments in her wrist, so sadly has been 
out of commission for a few months, however, the Tree of Life pendant is some of
the first pieces she's made since her injury ... having spent hours watching tutorials
on the internet, filling herself with renewed inspiration ... whilst her wrist recovered!

Follow me to a new showcase to the see the work of:


Patt hails from Saluda NC and as well 
as being a  jewellery desginer, is also a 
mixed media artist using acrylics.

Patt, says that she loves wire wrapping 
and just wishes she had more time to do it!

This next showcase is by an artist that I have 
personally seen evolve and blossom into the talent 
she is today ... as she was one of the very first pupils 
that I ever taught, when I started my own wirework 
teaching journey!
So, I take great pleasure in introducing:


Sally has been designing and creating wire jewellery for about 10 years and now 
has her own little workshop locally, in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, U.K.

She thinks of her designs and creations as being akin to 'dancing with wire' and
at times it is a very harmonious waltz!

Sally sells her pieces through local markets and craft fairs and undertakes bespoke
commissions.  No two pieces are ever the same and each is created as unique
as its eventual owner!  You can see more of her work on her WEBSITE

Moving to a new showcase we can discover the work of:



Sandy runs her own shop on ETSY
You'll find pieces there which mostly include wire and gemstones. 

Sandy says that she loves exploring new concepts and combining design inspiration
from fashion, art and her travel experiences around Asia.

From Sandy to ... (drum roll) ...



Shalini likes using semi-precious gemstones, beads and pearls in her jewellery
designs.  Her favourite medium is copper wire.

Shalini loves playing with different types of wire and letting it take its course,
as she wraps around a stone of a bead.

Above, is Shalini's Dolphin shape wire pendant! She and her husband,
Dave also create Wire Sculpture Trees and cut and polish some of
the gemstones used in her jewellery designs.

Nearing the end of the Gallery, 
we can find the unique
jewellery designs of:


Gilly has decided to showcase her recent Viking Knit designs for this gallery.

This bangle almost feels like it would provide you with renewed positive energy!

You can discover more about Silverleaf's work on her WEBSITE .

Now, nearing the end of the Gallery, 
but by no means least,  
is the work of a past WWGuild feature artist:



Sue is a regular contributor to 'Making Jewellery' and Beads and Beyond Magazines.

Sue is originally from New Zealand, but is now based in Birmingham in the U.K.
where she loves creating her own unique ranges of wirejewellery from her home

You can find more of her original creations on her WEBSITE and on her

And now, as a finale to our 2013 Summer Exhibition, we 
have a stunning contribution 
from the very talented and highly rated:


                                                 You can bathe in Rachel's stunning work on her WEBSITE
                                             and keep in touch with her tutorials on her FACEBOOK page.


  1. Thank you Linda so much <3!

    1. Thank YOU! for taking part! It's lovely to see such a diversity of talent, style and technique all in one feature! :D

  2. Thank you Linda and it's fabulous so see so much talent and wirey diversity in one place! xx

    1. You've taken the words right out of my cake hole! :D

  3. They are all wonderful! Thanks so much!

  4. Such a lovely collection of wirework designs! The photos are like eye candy to me! :) Now, I'm inspired to create even more art jewelry! Thanks and more power, Linda! ♥

    1. We can all inspire each other! and being creative has such a self-enhancing energy ... keep spreading that positive energy! x

  5. Thank you so much Linda.
    I am in elite company indeed! Feel honoured to be part of a showcase which includes so many talented wire-workers. Happy Shalini! :D

  6. You are part of the talent, Shalini! :D

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