Friday 28 June 2013


June has been an exceptionally busy month for me!
Just finished a wonderful 'Open Studios' show,
with still some jewellery commissions to create ...

However, I haven't forgotten you ... but, as time is of the 
essence ... this will have to be a short and sweet project. 
Something you can experiment with and make your own!

A lot of you will already know this wire 'Rose' design
as a ring. However, the twist here, is creating it as a 
connector unit which you can suspend, link together to create
fancy chains, a statement necklace, decorate on to hair accessories,
or make as earrings and just generally accessorize!

All you need to make this, is:
Glue Stick (or similar cylindrical mandrel), 0.8mm wire/
20-gauge-ish (or, whatever you have to hand!) and your 
usual wirework tools: round, flat, chain nosed pliers and cutters.

1.  Cut about one meter of 0.8mm wire.  (I just use
the length of my arm as a measure!). Wrap the centre 
just once around your cylindrical mandrel and twist 
where the wires meet.

2.  Push one wire in one direction around the centre and
repeat with the second, to begin making a small, central 
spiral.  Try and keep the wires parallel and flat so that they 
don't slip behind each other! 

3.  Once you have a small central spiral, twist the
extending wires together - randomly - don't worry
at all about neatness, leaving about 6cms untwisted
at the very ends.

4.  Continue wrapping the twisted wires around the
rest of the central spiral, keeping it flat against the
mandrel to increase the diameter of the spiral.
Stop twisting when you are left with about 3cm-4cm
on wire and bring the other wire around onto the
opposite side.

5.  Pull the unit off the mandrel and wrap the extended
wires around each side of the back loop.  Cut off any
excess and neaten the ends.

6.  Using your wirecutter, CUT THROUGH THE CENTRE
OF THE BACK LOOP and straighten the wires out on each side.

7.  Using your round nosed pliers, create links with the 
extending wires on each side of the unit.

And there you have it!  It's ready to suspended from
a cord, or chain and you can suspend anything from
the base link as well!  

If you wish to add a bead to the centre, this can be done
in STEP 1.

Alternatively, use some shocking pink wire and gently
rub down the outer surface with some sandpaper or 
wire wool to create a two tone feel! Here I added a
little Fimo rosebud bead, that I just happen to have 
sitting in my stash!

You can also create this design using two different 
coloured wires. Put them together and work with both 
lengths in unison.

This central 'rose' was created in silver plated wire and
coloured with a red permanent marker pen.  The red
central bead was then added to the centre and the leaves
were woven with green and silver 0.5mm wires.

Or ... try making some elegant earrings and a
necklace set, using this idea!

But here's my favourite idea! Creating the units as chain links! Here's a fun
necklace using different coloured wires!

I should mention, that if you wish to make a matching ring - don't
forget to wrap the wire TWICE around the ring stick or cylindrical
mandrel, so that you create a more functional shank.

HAVE FUN EXPERIMENTING - think how many other wire ring designs
could be adapted like this!!!! - and don't forget to share your trials 
and tribulations on my FACEBOOK page!



  1. I have been making these roses and was wondering how I could make them into a connector
    Thank you :)
    Von ☺

  2. Me too, Von! And I thought I would share ... as it could work for so many other ring designs too! The possibilities are endless! :D

  3. Thank you so much for this fabulous tutorial! THANK YOU!
    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Thank you, Ulina! Have a great weekend too! :D

  4. Gracias!!!!son preciosas!!!
    Gracias por compartir!!!!

  5. I've made wire rosette rings but never thought to expand the idea! Great tutorial! Will share on my blog!

    1. Thanks, Pearl! Love all that you do on your blog! :D

  6. WOW! Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. FABULOUS! When I first glanced at the pic of the multi-colored necklace on Beading Gem, I thought they were fabric (like the ric rac rings) but prettier! I love them even more knowing they are all wire. Can't wait for some time to play around with your great tut! Thanks so much! :-)