Sunday, 18 March 2012


How come everything always seems to come at once?
Just like buses!! I've been so busy working on various
ventures: designing, creating, teaching ... not to mention,
all the mundane, turning cogs and conveyor belt motion
of 'living' ... that I haven't had a chance to update you
with new wirey inspiration.

Apart from designing some new projects for
working on some kids & designer KITS for:

They have some incredibly exciting competitions,
special offers, party packs and beautiful beads
and new tools coming up on their website very
soooon ...
So, if you subscribe to their NEWSLETTER you
will be able to keep up with all these things as
they erupt onto the market ... !

I'm also very much looking forward to seeing
my latest commissioned project in
All the materials for this were supplied by the
wonderful Georgie, from MADCOWBEADS.

And I've done some more filming for
BEAD TV . They are trying out a new format
to give their subscribers extra special
close ups, to improve the instructional quality of
their product. So, look out for this when my
Bangle tutorials are shown.

Also, keep half an eye out for my Knitted wire
project coming out soon in:
BEADS & BEYOND magazine ... I will try
and keep you updated on all these things!

And if you live in the U.K. (down South)
THE BIG BEAD SHOW is fast approaching on
31st March ... and this is definitely worth a

But now, back to projects. Here's one that almost
ended up on the 'cutting room floor', yet I felt it
didn't deserve to be disposed of altogether. It's a
decorative hairband design, which could be adapted for a
Prom, Flower Girl, Race Night ... or just as a fun hair accessory.
With this HOT BOW HAIRBAND, you can most definitely
'paint the town red'!!

The materials required for this are:
1 x metal hairband, 0.4mm, 0.8mm & 1mm silver-plated wire,
0.5mm red coloured wire, approx. 12 x 6mm silver beads,
1 x 12mm red bead, approx. 274 red seed beads.
Tools required are: Round and chain nosed pliers, wire
cutters, hammer & steel block and a cylindrical mandrel
(such as a pencil - or a Coiling Gizmo).

1. To make the BOW: Cut approx. 18" of 1mm wire. Place
your round nosed pliers at the centre of this length to create
a loop, with the wires crossing over and extending on each

2. Place your flat nosed pliers about 3" (7.5cm) from this
central loop and bend the wire back down on each side.

3. Using the tips of your round nosed pliers, create a wiggly
or corrugated end on the wire - forming a maximum of 5
'wiggles' before bending the wire back towards the central

4. Secure the projecting wires next to the central loop and
cut off any excess and neaten the ends.

5. Place the bow frame on a steel block and hammer the outer
edge to work harden and flatten, avoiding the central loop.

6. Cut at least 12" (31cm) of 0.4mm silver wire, and secure around
the central loop. Straighten one of the ends out and thread with red
seed beads, using enough beads to reach the wiggly outer frame.
Wrap the wire around the edge of the frame and bring the wire back
towards the central loop.

7. Continue threading seed beads and weaving the wire back
and forth between the central loop and outer frame to fill the
bow framework.

8. To make the centre decoration of the bow: cut approx.
8" (20.5cm) of 0.4mm silver wire and thread with about
12 x 6mm silver beads (or, as many as you need to surround
the focal bead). Bring the beads together to form a loop.

9. Cross one the 0.4mm wires over the other and bring it
down the centre of the beaded loop. Thread this wire with
the focal bead and push the bead into the centre of the loop
of silver beads. Secure the projecting wire around the opposite
side of the beaded frame and pull the extending wires straight
out on either side.

10. Thread the ends of wires of the beaded centrepiece, through
the each side of the central loop of the beaded bow frame and secure
by wrapping.

11. Cut off any excess wire and neaten the ends. You can now
choose to wire or secure this onto a hair grip, a brooch finding
or ... a hair band.

12. To make the curly base of the hair band frame, use
a Spiral Beadmaker or Coiling Gizmo, to create an
even coil of 0.8mm wire of approx. 3" (7.5cm) (alternatively,
wrap your wire around a pencil or round nosed pliers,
just like making jump rings). Stretch this coil out to
elongate it, until it is about 34"-36" in long.

Secure the end of the wire around one side of the hair
band and wrap the rest, quite loosely and randomly,
around the top curve of the metal band, securing it on the
opposite side.

If you wish to add another layer of coloured wire on top
of the silver base, create a second coil and wrap over the
first layer. For this, I used 0.5mm red coloured wire.

And ... have you ever thought of using a metal hair band finding
to create a choker necklace ... here's a quirky matching necklace
and earrings to match the HOT BOW HAIRBAND!

So, have some fun making shapes and beaded ornaments, from
buttons to ribbons ..., to decorate hair accessories. Here are a
few more of my designs:


... and here's a DRAGONFLY one!

Right, must be off now, I've got lots to do and I can't hang
around anymore! I'm back to being, busy, busy, busy!!



  1. Hi Linda and you've been a bit busy. If I'd just been thinking about doing all those things I'd be exhausted! As usual there's lots of inspiration there so after I've hung out the washing it's onto far more enjoyable wirey activities ....thank you! xx

  2. Thanks, Sal! It's been all 'GO' here, but as you know I'm a happy wirey pigglette when I'm being creative!! xxx

  3. Linda,as soon as I got your book, I started working on the dragonfly design as I love anything with wings.
    I do Dragonflies in all colours using coloured wire,usually the size of your hand.
    But My best one yet was using Galvanised steel wire, and making the dragonfly 1.5ft. with recycled beads. then using a Herringbone design partially on the wings.
    I will see if I can find a photo ,

  4. Wow! I love the sound of this!! If you have an image, please put it on my Facebook page ... it sounds wonderful!

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