Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Humans have been producing jewellery for such a long
time, using shells, beads, seed pods and of course, precious
metal and gemstones. Not only has it been created
to adorn, beautify and show status, but in most ancient
cultures it has had symbolic connotations and was often
worn to protect the wearer. So with that in mind, here's
my LUCKY MASCOT project, which can be designed with
any personal variation of beads and coloured wires.

This talismanic charm can be created as a pendant, key
ring, 'phone/or/bag charm, earrings, or as a bookmark ...
Alternatively just make it as a little portable sculpture
(the equivalent of Greek worry beads! ... a necessary accessory
in this global financial messiness!!).

To see how the LUCKY MASCOT BOOKMARK is made
you can watch my tutorial on BEAD TV.

I've been creating these little doodlebead people ever since
I started fiddling with beads. Below, are 2 little Mascots I made
20 years ago. When my children were young they used to play
with them and make their own versions, bending the arms and
knees into all sorts of contorted shapes until they finally broke
into pieces!!

So if you would like to create your own version,
... read on ...

STEP 1: First, have a rummage in your bead stash and
find some suitable beads. You require a minimum of a
(1) HEAD bead (2) BODY bead (3) 2 x LEG beads (these
can be made out of long bugle beads, coils of wire,
or a sprinkling of seed beads (4) 2 x ARM beads (similar
to leg beads, but not as long.
*Then optional - like the one above, you can also add a
NECK bead and HAT bead!

STEP 2: To create the ARMS, cut a length of wire (the length
is dependent on the size of the body bead). Place your round
nosed pliers at the centre of the wire and cross the wires over
on each side.

STEP 3: Once you have created the loop at the centre of the
wire, straighten out the ends and thread with the 'arm' beads
on each side.

STEP 4: Depending on the width of the 'body' bead you're using,
you might have to bend the wire down on each side to create
'shoulders'). However, if you have a narrow body bead this is

STEP 5: Now for the 'LEGS'. Cut another length of wire
that is longer than the 'arms' and using the tips of your
round nosed pliers, create a complete loop at the centre -
just like the end of a safety pin. Straighten the projecting
wires out so that they run parallel to each other.

STEP 6: Thread each projecting wire with your 'Leg' beads
and create spirals at the ends, curling the wire up to the bead.

STEP 7: Using your chain nosed pliers, bend the centre
link on the 'arm' and 'leg' units 90 degrees.

STEP 8: Now you are ready to thread all the units onto
the end of your spool of 0.8mm wire - starting with the
'legs', then the 'body', the 'arms', the optional 'neck' bead,
the 'head' and finally, the other optional 'hat' bead.

STEP 9: I know this looks
very painful and rather
eyewatering!! but, create a
wrapped link at the top
end of the piece and
cut the wire off the spool
leaving approximately twice
the length of the 'body' bead
projecting. Bend this wire
over the centre, front of the
'body' bead.

Wrap the projecting wire just above the 'arms', between the
'neck' and 'head' to secure.

STEP 10: Bring the extending wire around to the other
side of the mascot and create a doodly spiral with any
wire left projecting and flatten this on top of the 'body'
bead. Alternatively, you can cut off any excess and neaten
the end.

STEP 11: Tweak the
central wire, that
runs down the 'body'
bead (on the opposite
side) with the tips of
your flat nosed pliers
to tighten it around the

And now you're ready to suspend it as your


Here's a Key Ring
I made earlier !!

Below you'll see 2 Dancing Belles!!

I used a feather for the skirts and created these to suspend
at the end of bookmarks.

Above, is another idea for a pearly Lucky Mascot Bookmark.
If you don't have any ribbon, just plait, or braid some cord!

So, experiment with different beads to create funny, character

... and finally, if you're up for a little competition, (although there
are NO prizes, just PRAISE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for having
a go!) please do join my
for this month!
This is to create your own little LUCKY MASCOT piece, in any
style that inspires you and post an image up on my FACEBOOK
page to share.

I don't know about you, but these little bead dolls make me smile!
They're not called LUCKY for nothing!!

GOODBYE for now and I hope to see your designs posted up
soooooon ....



  1. I feel I've found a kindred spirit. I love your lucky mascots, thank you very much for showing how to make them. I think I will be naming mine the little people.

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