Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The WireWorkers Guild


... is not VERY conducive
to jewellery making ...

although, you could always try creating my simple
DONUT WIRE-WRAPPED BEAD project and design a statement piece
that you can wear dressed up, or down!

If you don't have any donut shaped beads in your stash,
you can always use a humble plumber's washer to practice!

But first ...
some news about a special Workshop
that's due to be happening at
If you're anywhere near Peterborough,
you cannot miss their:


On: SUNDAY 1st August 2010

From: 11am to 3pm

Price: only £15!!

Take a look at:

... after the workshop, you will be able to browse in the 'Aladin's Cave' of Riverside's beads and findings ...

At 50-56 High Street, Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8EB
Tel. 01778 346810
Mobile: 07904032411

Contact - Donna NOW to ensure you get a place!


BUT, back to the simplest of summer projects:
Before you sit down comfortably, get yourself
a donut shaped bead or large plumbing washer.
Some 0.8mm wire, round and flat nosed pliers
and some wire cutters ...
NOW, are you sitting comfortably? ...
Then, I'll begin:

For this 31mm ceramic donut bead, I used
around 18" of wire.

(but you can calculate your own measurement, by wrapping
a piece of string around your 'donut' bead to ascertain
the exact amount you will need).
Thread one end of the wire through the centre hole of the bead,
leaving a tail of approx. 2.5cms projecting. Wrap the rest of
the wire around the bead frame, pulling and tightening it with
your fingers as you wrap.

Continue wrapping the wire around the frame and on and around the 4th wrap, place a small 'figure of 8' link (or jump ring), so that it is suspended from the outer frame of the bead.

When you've wrapped the frame about 8 times, connect and secure one wire around the other, leaving the rest extending outwards from the top.

Create a small spiral with this extending wire, curling it back towards the central stem.

Fold the small spiral over and flatten it
against the stem to hide the wrapped wires
underneath. Create a double suspension
link with the protruding wire at the top
of the bead.

Position the ends of your flat nosed pliers directly on
each individual wire on the surface of the bead and
twist and 'tweak' to create a zig-zag bend. This will
not only look decorative but will tighten the wires
around the frame.

Continue twisting and tweaking all the radiating wires
on both front and back of the donut bead until you are
satisfied with the result. You are now ready to make
a 'tassel' or 'dangle cascade' to suspend from the
base ...

... et voila!!

This project was featured in a previous

Here's a GALLERY of other pieces made in a similar way ...

(below) A humble steel plumbing washer, wrapped with
brass wire suspended from a shoe-lace ...

and steel washer
earrings to match!!

and staying on 'washers' ...

... how about
suspending a
beaded cascade
for an industrial
designer jewellery

... this can also work
for a key ring that you
will never loose at the
bottom of a large handbag!

And finally, some summer madness ...

You can use the
Spiral Beadmaker
to help you
create something
a little 'Star Trek-ie'!!

SO ... have a go at experimenting with simple
washers through to beautiful semi-precious
donut shaped beads and come up with your own
completely original statement piece!!


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