Thursday, 10 June 2010

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'Making Beautiful Bead & Wire Jewellery'
by Linda Jones

Please have a look out for my latest book (numero 6)
which will be on the shelves and hopefully within your
hands on 7th July 2010!

This book has a resourceful feel to it, with designer projects using everyday found objects, such as pebbles, bolts, plumbing washers, feathers, ribbons, buttons ... etc... as well as beads of course! In these times of cut-backs and financial chaos, we still need to create beautiful and fun jewellery to cheer ourselves up with, but for a fraction of the cost.

I am particularly fond of using BUTTONS in jewellery designs, from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings and have found a fantastic supplier based in Nottingham (Jones & Co.), who has a great range of different styles and types. Take a look at:

In my my latest book I show you how to make a "Vintage" Button Necklace, but of course you can supplement the buttons for beads if you so wish...

Vintage Button Necklace & Earrings by Linda Jones
from 'Making Beautiful Bead & Wire Jewellery'

The same design can look so totally different using another colour combination!

Dusty Pink Pearls with Diamante Button Necklace
Project for 'Make Jewellery' magazine

Black Coat Button Necklace (secured with wire motifs)

Even the simplest buttons can be incorporated into necklace designs, as long as they blend with the clothes that they're worn with ...

I made this necklace for my Mum (above) as she tends to wear clothes in these tones and colours quite a lot and she loves it, especially as the buttons came from her Mother's button box.

When my Mum's best friend saw her necklace, she also wanted one (!) and was specific about using white and blue colours to blend with her wardrobe. So here's the result - old white shirt buttons and whatever blue buttons I could find in my Grandmother's button box ... plus a few spacer beads thrown in for extra variety!

If you don't have access to an old button stash, there's plenty to choose from in haberdashery stores, especially in mother of pearl.

Pearly Queen Necklaces & Earrings

However, you needn't confine yourself to buttons, experiment with Shells, for a summery look!

Summer Seashell Lariat & Earrings

... and if none of these designs inspire you, how about using plain, old, everyday, plumbing washers (I've got a great new 'Washer Sundial Necklace' project in my new publication coming out this July!)

Washer Charm Bracelet, Necklace & Earrings

... and what's wrong with using boring old bolts? These 'Bolt Bangles' are fun to wear ... you'll find all the instructions to make them in my new book!

So take a look around you, maybe there are some every day components waiting to be incorporated into your new designs!

!!ANNOUNCEMENT!! - I am looking to do an 'Artist Feature' on a Chain Maille wire artist, so if any of the Guild members specialise in this field, please contact me:

or just contact me if you would like your work to be featured in a future blog!


  1. Lovely designs Linda. I've never thought of using buttons but I may do now!

  2. There is such a range of amazing button designs out there - it's definitely worth considering them to be incorporated amongst your beaded designs. Or just use a flat, 2 hole button as a base to be wired with beads or semi-precious chips - turning it into a pendant, brooch or ring decoration, etc...

  3. The book looks fabulous Linda ...I feel a birthday coming on and that should definitely be on the list! Sally

  4. Bought the book, having seen these designs, I can't find the button necklaces though. Can we have a tutorial for them please? Fantastic book for techniques though.

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