Monday, 1 October 2018


BROOCHES are a great Autumn project and make lovely,
gifts for special occasions!  Attach them to coats, jackets,
cardigans, cloth bags and hats for a unique decorative

I'm sure that once you've made one, you'll be adapting
the instructions to create your own versions, with variations
of beads and coloured wires! The only extra advice I would
give, is to keep the beads that you're using, very lightweight.
This will prevent the brooch from drooping forward when

Choose a combination of 2 or 3 coloured 0.8mm (20-gauge)
wires. You will also need a ready made brooch pin finding
and 3 to 5 beads of your choice. As for tools, you will need,
the usual, round and flat nosed pliers and wire cutters.


There are no set rules as to how many wires you will
require, however, begin by threading approx. 6"(15cm)
of 0.8mm (20-gauge) through the first and third hole of
the brooch. Pull each end of the wire through to the front
(away from the pin side).


Flatten the wire tightly against the pin side of the brooch by squeezing
it down with your flat nosed pliers. Then, twist the wires at the front
together to secure, extending them out on each side. (Avoid twisting too 
much, or you'll weaken the wire and it could snap!).


Thread the wires, with a bead, pushing them into
the centre (by the twist), and begin to create spirals at
each end ...


Work the spirals right up to the beads, to enable them to stay
secure and in place.


Cut 5" (12.5cm) of 0.8mm wire in a variation colour
and thread this in between (and underneath the first twist).
Add another bead and repeat, by spiraling the ends in the
same way.


Continue threading 5" or 6" 0.8mm wires, by pushing them
underneath or around the base (or even around the beads) to
anchor them in place on top of the brooch finding. Curl each of
the ends into closed, or open spirals and depending on how
ornate you want it to be, you might need between 6 or 8 wires
in total.


Finally, spend a little time manipulating and adjusting the spirals
into a pleasing pattern with your fingers and pliers, making sure
that the brooch finding is well hidden beneath.

Experiment with a combination of different coloured wires and
beads to suit your wardrobe and mood!

Instead of spirals, why not create other wire shapes?

This idea could work well for a Christmas themed brooch!

Next time, I'll be showing you how to create a SCARF SLIDE.

So, until then ... HAPPY WIREWORKING! Keep your creative tank well
fueled and full to the brim!

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