Wednesday, 19 October 2016



If you suffer from arachnophobia, you might want to
look away! However, it's here by popular demand, 
just in time for Halloween ...

I personally have no problem with spiders, but if you do,
I have read that you can make your own homemade deterrents:
"Spray peppermint oil around your windows and doors to deter 
the spiders, as they don't like the fragrance. You can make 
this spray by mixing 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil with water. 
A spray bottle will allow you to dispense the solution with ease."
And, if you don't have peppermint oil, white vinegar, is also
quite effective (but your house might start smelling a bit like a 
fish and chip shop!). 

Anyhow, back to creating this 'fun' spider! 
Pliers, Wires, Beads and Ready Steady GO ... !!


Create a spiral out of 0.6mm wire (check that the gauge, 
you use, can be threaded with the small beads you are
going to use for the 'body'). Cut from the spool, leaving 
about 6" (15cm) projecting.


Stretch the spiral out and start threading with your
small beads, pushing them around the spiral coils, 
so that they fill and cover the entire coil.


Continue threading the small beads onto the
projecting stem, until you only have about
2" (5cm) of bare wire protruding at the end.


Take the end of the wire and start forming a tight
spiral and then, using your fingers, continue spiralling
the wire around until it sits next to the first beaded
coil. (P.S. This is also a technique for making a cool


LEGS: to make these, cut 4 x 5" (12.5cm) lengths
of 0.6mm wire. Bind the centres together with 0.4mm 
wire. Space the wires out on each side of the binding
and begin threading alternatively with bugle and seed 
beads ... (I used 7 bugle beads interspersed with 7 
seed beads, but it's up to you how long you wish to make 
your spider's legs!).
To secure the beads on each leg, create small tight
spirals at the very ends. Repeat for each of the 8 legs.


To form the legs framework: use the tips of your chain- 
nosed pliers to create a bend on each leg (mine was on 
the 3rd bugle bead along). *Be careful not to crack the 
beads as you bend, so add some slack, by unwinding 
the spiral feet at each end.


Cut a workable length (at least 6"- 15cm) longer
than the beaded body length). Thread this through
the centre of the beaded body, securing it with a
small spiral headpin at the rear.


Wrap the wire extending from the beaded body around
the centre of the legs unit to secure both together. 
Extend and straighten the remaining wire centrally from 
the body/leg framework. 


Thread the extending wire with your chosen 'head'
bead and leaving just under an 1" (2.5cm) protruding
from the head bead, bend the wire and double it back
towards the bead.


Squeeze the doubled wires together with your flat
nosed pliers, so that they run parallel and bend
the wire out again to form a 'V' (to create antennae).
Fold the second wire back and secure by wrapping
by the 'head' bead. Cut off any excess wire and
neaten the end.

Finally, Using the tips of your round nosed
pliers, curl the ends of the doubled wires around.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and do post your
pictures up on my Facebook page to show your
your own versions! These can be used as ornaments,
or suspended from monofilament or black thread
to decorate your Halloween party!



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