Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Did you know that Glastonbury has become a very special location
and hub for WIRE CREATIVITY! This part of Somerset, steeped in
history, myth and legend is the perfect place for a creative wire break!

That's what we've all got to do from time to time! Just step off from the
 'treadmill of life"! STOP for a day, preferrably a week and re-evaluate
what life is all about! This is not meant to be a lecture, but a 'shout out' to
anybody who feels they need to nourish their creativity and have a
short break from the humdrum of life's demands! Just like putting healthy,
nutritious food in our bellies, we also need on occasion, to stimulate our
minds with healthy, nutritious, good quality activities ... and this can come
in the form of a ...
Wire Break in Glastonbury!

Learning wirework can sound a bit scary at first, especially if you're a
complete newcomer to the craft! All those tools, gauges and types of wire,
plus complicated swirly, whirly, curly, coily designs!! However, I can
guarantee that a few tools (that fit into a kid's lunchbox), a spool of wire, a
sprinkling of beads is all that you need, plus the motor-skills to tie your
own shoelaces!

The words that most describe the Wire Break experience are:
course ... CREATIVE!

These Wire Breaks have been set up by the loveliest couple you could
meet: Tabatha, who runs the Minerva Bead Shop and her husband, Jim,
better known for his legendary wire wrapping, aka Lonely Soldier Designs.

This year, they have brought together a menu of experienced UK based
wire jewellery artists to provide hands on, intensive week workshops for
all skill levels. I am just one of the tutors taking part and am honoured and
humbled to be amongst this select group of wire artists, such as:

I kick off on 14th-18th March with this one-of-a-kind experience!
But first ...
we need 6 people to make the workshops feasible to run.
So if you want to book yourself a Valentine's gift, or an early or late
birthday present ... don't hesitate to check out the
Glastonbury Wire Studio site now! 
I promise, you won't regret it! The classes are held in the Studio, right
in the centre of Glastonbury High Street in a 17th century building.

Learning skills from 'You Tube' clips, from books, magazines and TV
channels is a good way of picking things up, but just doesn't compare
to attending a 5 day intensive class, where an experienced tutor is there
to guide and help you through, plus answer all your queries. I can
guarantee that it will not only be fun, but you will also skip up two to
three skill levels, as you open your mind to the endless possibilities of
wire, as a creative medium!

If you are wondering what I will offer on this course, below, is a very
vague outline (I can only be vague at this stage, because until I meet 
YOU and find out  what YOU want to learn, only then can I truly tailor-
make the course to suit  all YOUR needs). You might want to learn a new
skill/you might want to find your own unique style as a designer/you
might want to learn how to finish your pieces off more professionally/
you could just want to increase your range of techniques ... ??? You might
even just want a stimulating, creative break to make new friends!!

DAY 1 will cover an introduction to wire (gauges, types), tools as well
as basic techniques, so that I can ascertain each person's skill levels, their
needs and their goals for the course. The basic techniques covered will
incorporate, making clasps, chain links, spirals, coiling, etc... DAY 2 will
cover tempering and work hardening wire, using hammering techniques
(I prefer to refer to this as, Whammer Therapy!).

On DAY 3, I will plan to cover shaping, creating structures and frames
to make beaded pendants, earrings, bangles and rings ... but, this will
obviously evolve around what everyone chooses to learn!

For some it's wire writing, others bead framing or stone mounting
and even ring making:

DAY 4,  will be about flowers, as this is such a popular motif! However,
it will still be open to other possibilities, depending on what everyone
wishes to learn!

The final class will be all about self-expression, putting together
everything you've learned to create a unique, customised piece of
jewellery, or wire sculpture!

I do hope that's given you an insight to what this wonderful Wire Break
experience in Glastonbury in March can offer!
All we need now is  6 people to make this happen! Therefore,
please DO share this with anyone who you think might be interested
in taking part!



  1. I wish I could but husband can't get any time off work at all. Hope there will be another time. :)

  2. Sounds fabulous Linda, good luck and have a great time

  3. Shame you can't make it Christals Creations, but I completely understand! :( If we can get it off the ground, Neena ... it will be great! Just need 6 people to book, so please spread the word! :D