Wednesday, 6 August 2014


As you may know,
I've been a wire missionary
for many years!
Through metalwork,
I found wire.
I became intoxicated with
its design versatility and so
I had to spread the 'word of wire'
by becoming a teacher of the craft!

Being creative is my best therapy in life and I'm
so lucky to have recently been given the opportunity
to 'spread the word of wire' even further ... as
BEADS DIRECT, my favourite
online supplier, have asked me to appear on a series
of programmes on CREATE and CRAFT TV

Using their quality materials and products I will be
able to demonstrate techniques and provide design
inspiration, tips and advice.  My first show took place
on July 26th with the amiable presenter, Martyn Parker.

I am following that show with my next, on Tuesday
12th August at 3pm 
(so if you remember, set the 'record' button) or,
watch online if you have such a technological
device!  Following that, you can catch me on further
programmes on Saturday 30th August and
September 6th with more wire magic on display!

I will have gorgeous jewellery giveaways and share
my 15 years of knowledge.  The only drawback (and
perhaps it should be printed under the programme title)
is that wire jewellery making is ... very, very addictive!
But, you guys knew that anyway!

If you missed that first show: "An Introduction to Wire
and Beaded Jewellery",  I demonstrated 4 projects out of
the first  BOOK
that I wrote 10 years ago
(which is still a perfect starter book!). Here's a taste
of the projects:






but I just ran out of time and was unable to show my
'Egyptian Chainmaille' ...

However, I promise to demo that on this next
show coming ... ! And there's plenty more -
such as dragonflies, bouquets and starburst
bead pendants!

So PLEASE come and join me on 12th August, or on
any of my future programmes and do tell any of your
friends and family to watch - there's inspiration for card
makers and paper crafters too!

Wire is just the perfect medium for embellishing and decorating
... don't you agree?


  1. Well done Linda, and congratulations on your new career :)

    1. Thanks, Neena! Don't know about NEW career - same one, just different and hopefully bigger audience to spread my passion of creation - or as my partner puts it: 'wire fiddling and faffing'!!:D xx

  2. Gorgeous patterns. I caught a bit of the first show.

  3. Congratulations! This is fantastic and I am thrilled for you. I am sad because I don't have access to this show, here in the USA. I am wondering if they will be televising shows, i.e. have a web-site that I can click on and see the show? If not, I will continue to read your books and blog, etc. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Linda - I've Facebook messaged you with a link. Just wondering if you can watch it 'live' from there?
    It might be possible????
    Sending warmest wishes - Linda xxx

  6. If that doesn't work go onto the Create & Craft TV website and see if there is a live link.

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