Friday, 6 June 2014

Writing with Wire

Many apologies for the lack of posts!  Life has
recently swamped me and certain things have 
just had to take a back seat ...

I'm currently busy exhibiting at a local annual show 
called South East Open Studios, which will take me
through to the end of June.  

As a little interim post, I thought I would trip
your creative minds to some WIRE WRITING,
which currently seems to be getting very fashionable -
as with all personalised and customised products!

I've dug out some pendants that I've made in
the past and some more recently and will be
demonstrating this at my local show, where the
public can have personalised named pendants


I'll be back in residence as soon as I possibly can, but in the 
meantime, sit back and enjoy some of my wire writing samples!

Scarf Slide ... with a 'Smile'! :D

Large personalised key ring for my friend,
Jenny ... which she now can't loose!

Blue coloured
wire pendant

Black wire choker with 'Rock 'n' Roll!

"Love!"  The nicest word to write in wire!

Looks great on 'stones' or ...

... wired into
framed heart

Here's a 'Chase the Sun' Pendant, which is nice for the 

And finally, here's my keyring for my studio!

I hope that triggers some new inspiration and I 
will be back as soon as possible with a tutorial ...
when I get the time!


  1. How interesting, Linda, you didn't mention what gauge of wire you use and whether you use that fabulous hammer of yours??

  2. I mainly use 0.8mm and for the chunkier, shorter wire words 1mm and I definitely always use the Whammer, which is now being re-introduced to the market by Beadsmith with an extra texturing (dapping) head. I will be promoting it very soon .... All the best to you, Neena! x