Friday, 8 November 2013


*BOW* Tutorial

As we approach the festive season, I thought up a quick, fun 
tutorial based around a BOW! 

This motif can be suspended as a pendant,
wired to a hair grip or band, created as a brooch ... or just
used as a decorative accessory on a greeting card design!

So, if you're sitting comfortably, read on, and hopefully
it will inspire you to create your own interpretation!

1. The bow I created was approximately 6cm x 3cm
and for this I cut 10cm (8") of 0.8mm/20-gauge wire. 
However, if you want to make something smaller
(use less) or larger ... cut more!
Place your round nosed pliers at the centre of
the wire and wrap around, crossing the wires over,
to create a loop.

2.  Approximately 2.5cm (1") from the central loop,
use the tips of your chain nosed (or round nosed)
pliers to bend the wire back in towards the loop on
either side.

3.  Create a crinkly edge on each side wire with
your round nosed pliers.

4.  Bring the extending wires back in towards the
central loop to secure and complete the frame.

5.  Place the 'bow' frame on a steel block and hammer
the edges to flatten and work harden.

6.  Choose a binding wire (0.4mm-0.5mm) and weave
in and out of the frame, to fill the space.  You could
also add beads for extra texture and decoration.

7.  Continue weaving the wire, until the frame is
completely 'coloured' in. Cut off any excess wire
and neaten the ends - or, use the excess wire to
attach a focal bead.

8.  I've wired a 'button with bead' to the centre and
'corrugated' the bow, by pushing my chain nosed pliers
into the woven wires ... creating a wavy surface.

9.  Finally, secure the corners of the bow
with jump rings to suspend as a necklace

10.  You could also attach a pendant drop to
add extra decorative detail!

If you don't have a button to hand ... how about
making a wire 'rose'?

Below, are a few more suggestions of styles to inspire your wire
and beaded appetites!

The 'Bow' can make a great pendant

Above, I have wired it onto a hair grip.

And on the side of a hair band!

Whilst ... here's a brooch!

And ... if you DON'T want to make a bow at all ...
just follow steps 1-5 of the tutorial and turn the frame 
into a butterfly!


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