Friday, 11 January 2013

PEBEO for Wirejewellers!

If you've never come across  the name:

for high quality artists materials of
all kinds, let me be the first to introduce
you to this brand.  Since 1930 their
art materials have been available for
both professional and amateur artists
in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolours and
Pastels as well as a range of Casting,
Modelling, Silk and Glass painting,
etc..., etc..., etc..., but it's their
FANTASY Moon and Prism
colours and Jewellery Accessories ...
that you'll be the most interested in!

I had already seen some beautiful samples of
demonstration pieces at
in Hampton, Middlesex, (where they sell all the
supplies) therefore, when I was asked to product test
some paints, I couldn't wait to get started!

What I really wanted to find out, is would it work
well with some wireworking techniques?  And my
initial results are positive ... well, I hope YOU
also agree with me????

Working with Fantasy and Moon Paints, you just
need to purchase some Jewellery Accessories: such
as Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings and Ring blanks,
plus some plastic droppers and a packet of
Glazing Resin and you're ready for action!

The instant satisfaction is in the fact, that all you
have to do, is stir up the paint colours, drop it into
the recess of the jewellery blanks and then wait for
the magic to take place! 
(You don't need to speak French, but it helps ...
otherwise, read the subtitles!!)

So what's this all got to do 
with WIRE?
... I hear you ask?

Well, I have found that you could create some very
original jewellery pieces using your own wire motifs
within the resin.

Here's my first experiment, using a base of Pebeo black,
red and silver Fantasy paints on the Oval Bracelet, with
my own wire squiggles and motifs (created out of 0.8mm
silver-plated wire and Whammered!) placed onto the
dried paint.  This was then sealed and coated with
Pebeo Glazing Resin.

Going one step further ... to add a little more
originality to the piece, I decided to remove
the existing clasp and add one of my own.

And ... two steps on, I decided that beaded charms
would complete and make it a unique one-of-a-kind

I also created a matching necklace using Pebeo's
Oval Pendant blank.

Then, I had another go at using a purple, silver and
green combination of colours with some wavy wire
inclusions ...

... and I decided to remove the bracelet clasp and turn
it into a necklace, using wireworking techniques and
some matching beads!

If you don't want Ovals, try the square bracelet
blanks instead.  They are very contemporary and
in vogue!

Here's my Turquoise
version using the
Fantasy Prisme
Paint, topped with
my wire spirals
and coated in
the Glazing Resin.

However, to make
it just a little bit
more original
I opted to attach
6mm silver
beads in between
the squares!

Not only that, I changed the clasp
to a chunky Toggle!

Here's another attempt, using a different
colour palette:

... and once again
I changed the clasp
to add a little more
After all, that's what
jewellery should
be all about!

So, if this has inspired you, PEBEO has
everything you require to create some
stunning jewellery pieces in every colour
of the rainbow!  The only thing you need
is patience in letting it dry ...  A good 
8-12 hours is essential between dropping
the colour in and glazing.  And once again,
the clear glaze must also be left to dry
for at least another day!
More information about PEBEO products 
can be found on their website: 
and all accessories and paints can
be purchased here in the U.K. from:

(the home of the Whammer!!)



  1. Hey Linda! This is all ever so exciting and I can't wait to have a go ....the effects look fantastic and original and endless possibilities for design. I'm not going to sleep thinking about this and thank you so much for kick starting me into the New Year with so much inspiration!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, Sally!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Linda - those look beautiful! I will have to go and investigate them now! Brain already going into overdrive with ideas :)

    Rgds Nicky x

  4. Many thanks, Nicky! Creative overdrive brain sounds brilliant!!

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