Tuesday, 6 November 2012


As a jewellery designer, I can't escape the slow countdown
to Christmas!  There's no way to avoid the start of mad-
hand-mass production of all things decorative and gifty!

Beads and wire are the perfect combination for creating
accessories and gifts and if you're into making your own
cards ... this little project is a perfect solution!  In fact, this
can be created as a pendant, earrings, placed
on a card, suspended as a tree decoration, wired onto
a napkin ring, or used as part of a table display ...
Just make them and they will decide where they
should go...!

1.  All you need to get started, is your usual tools:
Round, Flat, Chain Nosed Pliers and Cutters.  As
for materials:  1 x peardrop bead (for the body), one
round bead (for the head), some seed beads (for the
wings) and 0.8mm, 0.6mm and 0.4mm gauge wire. 
Although, you could make the whole thing with 0.6mm 
if that's all you've got to hand!

2.  Working from the end of a spool of 0.6mm wire, create
a small circle with the tips of your round nosed pliers. Spiral
the wire around itself, until it is at least the diameter of the 
widest part of your chosen peardrop (or body) bead.  
Cut from the spool, leaving a tail of approx. 2cm projecting.

3.  Using the tips of your round nosed pliers, curl the projecting
end into a small spiral until it sits just below the larger spiral,
created in step 2.

4.  Place the tips of your chain nosed pliers at the centre
of the spiral and stretch it out - opening up spaces
between the coils - so that it becomes a tapered 'curly wurly' 
cone shape.  Bend the small end spiral down.

5.  To make the 'arms' of the angel, cut 5cm of 0.6mm wire and
place your round nosed pliers at the centre of the length. Cross
the wires around the tips of the pliers, so that they project in 
opposite directions, creating a small loop at the centre.

6.  Place your flat, or chain nosed pliers on each side of the
central loop and and bend the projecting wires in towards
each other to create the 'arms' of the angel.

7.  Using your round nosed pliers, curl the ends of the 
projecting wires into small loops (to create the hands).

8.  Thread all the units onto the end of a spool of 0.8mm wire,
starting with the peardrop bead, followed by the tapered spiral,
the 'arm' wires and finally the pearl 'head' bead.

9.  Using your round nosed pliers, create a wrapped
link at the very end of the wire (this will act as the
suspension loop, as well as representing the angel's

10.  Push all the units tightly together and cut
the wire from the spool, leaving enough of a
tail to make a small spiral headpin at the base
of the peardrop 'body' bead ...

11.  Flatten the spiral headpin against the base of the
peardrop bead, securing all the units together as one.

12.  And now ... for the wings!  Cut approximately 20cm
of 0.4mm wire and wrap to secure, the centre of the length, 
just under the pearl 'head' bead (between 'head' and 'arms'), 
straighten out the wires on each sides.

13. Thread one of the projecting wires with your chosen
seed beads ( I used about 30 beads for each wing) and 
secure the wire back around the central stem (under the 
pearl 'head' bead) as before.

14.  Repeat step 13, on the opposite side, to create the 
second wing.

15.  Cut the ends of the wires projecting from the wings 
to about 2cm and spiral them in towards the centre, 
flattening one on one side of the angel and the other on 
the opposite side, so that they sit just under the pearl
'head' bead.  To shape the wings:  push the beaded
loops in on each side with your fingers to create a
inward dent.

16.  And now your beaded angel is ready to suspend
from a chain (a ribbon ... as a tree decoration, or
as a gift tag) ... I also, wired a few beads between the
'hands' with 0.4mm wire ... you can finish it as you
feel fit!



ANGEL EARRINGS(These are better created without
'arms', so that they don't hook onto flowing hair!).

is holding a star wand and I've left the wire projecting
from the base of the bead, so that it can be used as a
table, or plant decoration.  Just push the wire into a
plant pot and let her sit amongst the holly, or a gorgeous

Above, is a variation ANGEL STICK PIN ...

Excuse me, if I buzz off now to make some more
to put on my Christmas cards for special friends and

I hope you too will be inspired to make your own!
****  HAPPY 'ANGEL' MAKING!! ****

P.S. a beaded angel is for LIFE ... not just for Xmas!!

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  1. I have never done anything like this, is it easy for a beginner?????