Friday, 4 May 2012


As you may know from my last blog, I have been very busy working up new KIT designs and projects using feathers.  So to keep the theme going,  I thought I would share my:  

tutorial with you!  This design could be construed as 'Cupid's Love Arrow' or, you could wear it proudly to keep your life moving in the 'Right Direction' ... OR ... if you have a daughter, grandchild, niece, or know anyone who loves the band, 'One Direction' - here's the perfect fan merchandise!!

The MATERIALS required are:  1 x feather, 1 x focal bead (with a hole that can thread through double lengths of 0.8mm), 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire and some ready made chain.
As for TOOLS, you will need the usual suspects - Round, Chain and Flat Nosed Pliers, Wire Cutters, Hammer & Steel Stake, Scissors.

1.  Cut about 6" (15cm) of 0.8mm wire.  Place the tips of your round nosed pliers at the centre of the length and fold in half.

2.  Using your flat nosed pliers, bend the wires in towards each other to create a triangle at the centre of the wire.

3.  Using your chain nosed pliers, straighten the stems of the projecting wires so that they run parallel from the centre of the triangle. 

4.  Once you're satisfied with the triangular end, give it a 'stroking' and flattening with your hammer on a steel stake to work harden.

5.  Put your arrow frame aside for a moment and create 2 even coils of 0.8mm wire - just like you would create jump rings.

6.  Thread the first coil onto both projecting wires and push this right up to the triangular arrow head, followed by your bead and finally the second coil ...

7.  Depending on the feather you're using - if it's very large, or has lots of whispy bits at the top end - pull these off from each side using your fingers and cut the central stalk of the feather down to shorten.

 8.  Push the central stalk of the feather into the coil and use the tips of your chain nosed pliers to carefully squeeze (crimp) the last ring on the coil to secure the feather in place.  (*If you're worried that the feather could fall out, just add a dab of Superglue around the edge of the coil for extra security!).

9.  Using your round nosed pliers, curl one of the extending wires into a link (cutting off any excess wire) and create a spiral with the other projecting stem.

10.  Using sharp scissors, cut a 'V' into the back of the feather.

11.  Create or use a ready made jump ring to suspend a chain from the link you created in step 9.

12.  Measure the chain to the length desired, minus 1" (2.5cm).  Connect the opposite end of the chain with a jump ring and a fish hook - with a long stem.  (*You don't have to have this long stem, you can just add a ready made clasp ... it's up to you!).

13.  ... but, IF you leave a long stem you can spiral the wire up, holding it firmly in your flat nosed pliers as you do so, to obtain a more decorative fish-hook clasp!

And now all that's left to do is ... hook the clasp into the end of the arrow head and your necklace is complete!

Here's a version using gold plated wire, where the clasp is at the back of the necklace.

This was my first attempt ... more tribal and rustic with black cord!

And even if you have a very plain, white feather ... you can jazz it up by putting specks and spots on it with a metallic pen!

HAVE FUN MAKING YOUR OWN VERSION!!  and please DO post them up on my FACEBOOK page to share!

... and just incase you don't have a feather, or, a focal bead that will thread through the doubled O.8mm wire - here's an alternative idea:  Follow steps 1-4.  Then cut one more length of 0.8mm wire and place this by the arrow head and along the parallel stem wires and bind it tightly together with 0.4mm wire just under the arrow head.  Then use the rest of the 0.4mm wire to secure beads onto the stem - binding the wire around the stem after each bead has been added.  Finally, check what length you wish the ends to be and cut off any excess.  Now, hammer the ends of the 3 protruding wires to spread and "mushroom" them out.  Then all that is left to do is to suspend it from a chain!!


  1. I really love this design. thanks so much for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it and have fun experimenting with this design!:D

  3. This is a superb tutorials especially with the Hunger Games popularity out there!

  4. I enjoy the playfulness of some of your designs. A breath of fresh air, thank you

  5. Wow, love these. I saw the tut on Pearl's blog and I'm an archer, so what a perfect design. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a wonderfully creative mind you have. This design is lovely. Thanks for all these inspiring ideas - you're the best

  7. Wow!! I love this. Can't wait to try it.

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