Monday, 24 October 2011


Due to popular demand ... here are the instructions for
which is an excellent decoration for Halloween!
You could create a hanging mobile with a few of these
suspended at different lengths ... also great for witches
earrings, necklace pendants and hand-bag charms!
Boys will also love these on key rings and belt clips
and great to clip onto the zip of a pencil case!!

So if you're sitting comfortably on your pumpkin,
I will begin:

You will need 0.8mm wire (silver-plated
or coloured), round and flat nosed pliers,
wire cutters and a measuring tape.

1. To make the 'head' - cut approx. 4" (10cm) or
more if you want it larger. Place the tips of your
round nosed pliers at the end and create a circular

2. Hold the circular link firmly in your flat nosed pliers
and curl the projecting wire around it to form a tight,
flat spiral, leaving at least 1.5" (3.5cm) projecting.

3. Place your round nosed pliers by the spiral and curl
the projecting around them, creating a circular link.

4. Push the projecting wire around the perimeter of
the spiral, leaving just over 1/2" (1cm) protruding.

5. Use your round nosed pliers to create a second
link opposite the first.

6. Cut 2" (5cm) of 0.8mm wire and placing your round
nosed pliers at the centre of the length, bring the wire
around the shaft of the pliers until they cross over on each

7. Using your round nosed pliers, create links at each
end - to make a 'hanger'.

8. Now, cut 8 x 1" lengths of 0.8mm wire and using
your round nosed pliers, create centralised links at
each end.

9. Cut 2 x 2" (5cm) and 2 x 3" (7.5cm) lengths
of 0.8mm wire and create spirals with end links
(these will be the hands and feet).

10. Connect the 'head' spiral made in steps 1-5
to the 'hanger'. Twist the end link of the spiral
90 degrees before attaching.

11. To form the 'arms': connect 2 of the
double 'eye'pin wires (created in step 8)
to each side of the 'hanger'.

12. Attach the pair of smaller spirals to each end
link to create the 'hands'.

13. (Hands Up!!). Connect a jump ring to either
side of the hanger links to attach a double
eye-pin horizontally across.

14. Continue connecting jump rings
and double eye-pins, until you have
a row of 4.

15. Lastly, attach the 2 remaining double
eye-pins directly to the last links in the
horizontal 'rib' unit, so that they hang
down to form the 'legs' and then connect the
last 2 spirals to the end links, to make the 'feet'.