Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I am often asked
if I have a favourite
wireworking tool
or gadget?
It's always difficult to
name just one ... but
as far as gadgets go ...
I think it would have
to be the -

This brilliantly simple device, was invented by a talented
Canadian artist called LEROY GOERTZ, who worked in
many different media. His first love was wood (making furniture)
and later he used wood in his sculptural work . In the early '70's
he began experimenting and working with glass (this was as a
result of teaching at Oregon's school for delinquent children)
and developed his lampworking skills using a torch flame and
molten coloured glass rods. In the early 1990's he gained an interest
in bronze sculpture, which led to working with wire, evolving techniques
for creating jewellery using coiled wire ... hence, the invention of his
His most recent work involves casting in precious metals for a wearable
line of sculpture.

You can read all about his COILING GIZMO and other
coiling inventions here:


Now back to the gadget, you can purchase this in the
U.K. from: www.wires.co.uk (my very favourite wire supplier!)
Also, www.gjbeadeads.co.uk supply a 'deluxe' 5 handle mandrel
coiling tool ... and so do many other bead suppliers on the internet
around the world. So there is no excuse for NOT being able
to purchase one!

Even though it is possible to coil wire by hand, it is a labour
intensive process and this gadget will provide you with a device
to create coils for mass producing jump rings, creating spacer
coil beads, beaded beads, spiral beads and 'pompom' beads ...
amongst other wonderful wirey things!! It just consists of a
couple of crank handles and a bracket, but it does the job!
It's such a time saver!

You can follow so many tutorials on 'You Tube', so if you are a
complete beginner that's where you can learn how to make
your first spiral beads.

Also, just cut the coils into segments and use them as
'spacer' beads. Below is an example of an eyeglass
chain using this technique:

Or, here's an example of a Choker Necklace (and I have
made a Gallery Bangle using this method too).

It's also great for making shapes: thread the
coils onto wire wiggles and curly coils and you
can create a variety of Necklace, Earring and
Bangle designs ... here are just a few to whet
your appetite!

(Above) A Red & Black Necklace Design

(Above) Crazy Coil Bangles

I have even use use coiled sleeves for some of my ring shanks.

You will also
find some
more images
on an older
post of this
blog - dated
22nd June
2010 ...

Not only is the Coiling Gizmo great for making
spiral beads and wire spacers, etc... but it will
provide you with instant gratification, when creating
POMPOM beads!

If you're wondering how these POMPOM Beads

are created: they are made from a stretched out coil which
has been wrapped around itself to form a ball!

What are waiting for? Go and crank that handle and
make some colourful Pompom Beads with
different gauges
and colours, with, or without beads ...

... and PLEASE do send in your images to my
FACEBOOK page as I would love to see and share them!

Happy curly C O I L I N G !!


  1. Ohh thank you for the tip. I see a chritmas wish list coming on. . . :o)

  2. A Spiral Bead Maker and lots of coloured wires is perfect for a Christmas wish list!! :o)

  3. This is just fabulous Linda and I'm "Project Motivated"! My favourite tool is my Dad's Whirly Wire Winder ....a variation of the Coiling Gizmo. My brother keeps threatening to kick start production again with major enhancements ....one day! Meanwhile, I'm off for a whirl. Big thanks Linda and inspirational as ever! Sal xx

  4. Hi Sal - Tell your brother if he wants to kick start production with your Dad's amazing W.W.W. I have a book of projects ready to sell with it!!xx

  5. Wooo hoo Linda! That's very exciting and I shall pass that onto brother. Just popped up for a "pom pomming" breather ....I think I've overworked things and shall go back to "simples" which is where I should have started in the first place! Sal xx

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