Thursday, 28 April 2011

The WireWorkers Guild


I have to admit that I have been trying to
avoid the media hype and constant talk of
The Royal 'you know what' ...

I was determined not to be drawn
into all the gossip and speculation
of the event ... but now that this
great historic moment is here, I can't
help but feel excited and happy for
the wonderful couple:
William & Catherine
and I'm sure, like me,
you would want to wish them every
happiness for the future ...

As a little patriotic gesture, I have
designed a 'flag' style decoration that
can be worn as a pendant, brooch,
attached to your key chain, etc...
to celebrate and commemorate the
historic and happy day!

To make this, you will need:
- 50 x RED seed beads
- 19 x WHITE seed beads
- 30 x BLUE seed beads
0.6mm & 0.8mm silver plated wire
Round and flat nosed pliers and wire cutters.

1. Begin by threading 0.6mm wire with 9
seed beads, using your round nosed pliers
to create links at each end. Follow the
grids below to help you thread the beads
in the correct order:

Alternatively, use the grid below if you find it easier:
this is marked with B=BLUE, R=RED and W=WHITE.

2. Once you've threaded all 11 rows of coloured beads,
cut 2 x lengths of 0.8mm wire, creating a link at the end
of one and a flattened headpin at the end of the other ...

3. Thread the beaded lengths (in the order of the grid)
onto the wires, pushing top links onto the wire
with the circular link and the bases through the second,
parallel wire. Add a blue seed bead in between each beaded
stem as you thread onto the top and bottom wires.

4. Once you've threaded all the beaded stems onto
your wires, you should end up with the flag pattern
as shown above.
Using your pliers, secure the opposite ends, by creating
a link on your top wire and another flattened headpin
on your base wire.

5. You are
now ready
to attach it
to a chain to
suspend as a
necklace ...
or, thread it
onto a safety
pin and wear
it as a brooch
... just let your
creativity run
royally amuck!


Last year, I designed a project for 'MAKE JEWELLERY'
Magazine which had a Brit Pop 'Punk' theme and this
shows a range of co-ordinated pieces that can be made
using the same technique. Alternatively, you can thread
your chosen beads onto Safety Pins!



  1. Thanks for that Linda and love the last necklace and earring set as well as the Union Flag - off to my bead stash to get busy!!

  2. Thanks, Sky Pixie! That last necklace is perfect to wear at a Street Party today!