Sunday, 20 March 2011

The WireWorkers Guild


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I've been rushed off my feet this week and wasn't sure
if I would have time to provide you with a project ...
working for BEAD TV (you'll see me demonstrating lots
of new earring projects and techniques from my book!),
I've also been writing the text for another new book on
'Weddings' (more will be revealed on this later on in the year),
not to mention working on some exciting new designs
for MAKE JEWELLERY Magazine ...
Never a dull moment! However, here's a quick little
bangle to make with any beads you've got lying around ...

So if you're sitting comfortably, read on and find
out how to create your own:
b a n g l e t t e

1. Cut approximately 25" of -0.8mm silver
wire. Place your round nosed pliers at the
centre of the length and create a loop.

2. Place your round nosed pliers on each side of the
loop you've just made and create 2 more loops on
either side.

3. Cut a second length of wire of approximately
12" long and create a link at the end which can be
connected to the central link of your doubled

4. Thread a bead of your choice onto the central wire
and bring one of the doubled wires around the side
of the bead (to frame the perimeter) and wrap it just
underneath the bead.

5. Repeat with the other projecting wire, wrapping this
around the opposite side of the bead to frame it and
secure it on the central wire.

6. Thread a second bead onto the central wire
and once again, wrap one of the projecting wires
around the perimeter ...

7. Repeat, as before, wrapping the second wire
on the other side of the bead.

8. You've got it!
Just keep threading
beads onto your
central wire and
wrap the side
wires around
the perimeter of
each bead, thereby
framing them and
securing each one
in place ...

9. When you
have a created
a beaded length
of about 7" (this
is for a standard
bangle length),
secure the ends
of the wire
at the base of
the last bead.

Cut off any
excess and
neaten the

10. Before creating
my clasp, Ive added
just one more bead
and then doubled
the wire back
onto itself.

The doubled end
should be at
least 1.5" in length.

11. Wrap the
end of the doubled
wire around the
stem and if you
have any left-over
wire, just keep
wrapping it around
the top of the last

12. Place
your round
nosed pliers
about a third
way up on the
doubled wire end
and form a hook.
Create a little 'lip'
at the tip of the
hook, to complete
your clasp.

13. Find a cylindrical object (something smaller in
diameter than the final bangle diameter) and wrap
the beaded unit around to shape and form it into a
circular bangle frame - ready to wear!

Once it's shaped, adjust the clasp so that it sits
neatly together.




  1. love this and must give it a go! :)

  2. Definitely give it a go! It works with any assorted combination of beads ... and also coloured wires! Have fun!

  3. What a good idea for using up odd beads that are left at the bottom of the box!

  4. Just found this via Pinterest- can't wait to try it! Christie

  5. Thanks for posting this! It took me 3 tries to get the last part of the clasp down, I ended up just making a loop and adding a lobster clasp for the first two. (This is only the second bead/wire project I have ever tried). I really liked it (even the messed up ones) and will try some of your other projects, too! Thanks again.